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Alshon Jeffery vs Cowboys
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The Eagles look to continue to maintain dominance in the NFC as they host the Chicago Bears Sunday afternoon at the Linc. With the Vikings and the Saints one game behind the Eagles for homefield advantage throughout the conference playoff, the Eagles need to win this game against one of the worse teams in the league.

To recap, here’s where the staff stands entering Week 12:

1: Bob (10-0)

2: Tyler (9-1)

T3: Chris, Coggin, Kevin K, Kyle, Tim (8-2)

8: Phil (7-3)

9: Anthony (3-7) (3-4, according to Anthony)

Our predictions (some of them are still coming in) for this week are after the jump:

Phil: There is no good reason to talk about the Bears, another team relying on a mediocre-to-bad quarterback (yeah, Dak, you included.) This game should be another bloodletting by the Eagles. The real issue is one we haven’t had to think about here since the last time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl: When will the head coach start getting Wentz and the other irreplaceable players out of these games when they get out of hand? Foles should have been in that game last week after the Bradham TD. He should be ready to play late in this one, too. Eagles 27, Bears 10.

Bob: I don’t feel the need to make a spirited case for the Eagles in this game. They’re a 14-point home favorite. The Bears have suffered several significant injuries on both sides of the ball. Mitch Trubisky looks like a promising player, but he doesn’t get much help from his skill players. Chicago’s offense needs to run the ball to help him—they won’t be able to do that. Eagles start fast and never look back. Eagles 29, Bears 13.

Coggin: Mitchell will be running for his life all Sunday as the Eagles have a field day on defense, holding him to less than 100 yards passing on the day. Someone had better call PETA, because the Bears are going to be abused all day long. Eagles 35, Bears 14.

Tim: ???

Anthony: There are potential pitfalls for the Eagles left on the schedule – this isn’t one of them.
The only thing is I don’t think Alshon goes off against his former team. I think the Bears do a good job shutting him down for posterity…but that only means guys like Zach Ertz and Nelson Agholor have good games. I don’t think it’s the huge blow out everyone else does, but it’s still a comfortable win for the Birds. Eagles 30, Bears 17.

Chris: This season, the Bears decided to give a ton of money to giraffe neck quarterback Mike Glennon, move up one spot in the NFL Draft to draft Mitchell Trubisky and trade three picks, start Glennon over Trubisky before realizing he sucked, challenged a first-and-goal that ended up becoming a touchback, and missed a game-tying 46-yard field goal at the end of last week’s game. What do the Bears do this week? Also, Buddy’s Watchin’ You > Super Bowl Shuffle. Eagles 41, Bears 14.

Tyler: The Eagles are two touchdown favorites and rightfully so with a lowly Bears team coming to town. Chicago has the capability to win games, if they keep it a low scoring affair. To avoid getting trapped in that, the birds need a quick start offensively, something they haven’t done the last few weeks. I think they will start hot and Nick Foles will make an appearance in the fourth quarter. Eagles 27, Bears 17.

Kevin K: It’s a pizza prediction. Lorenzo & Son’s Pizza 30, Deep Dish Pizza 10.

Kyle: IT’S A TRAP! I’m not one for the trap game narrative, but having the lowly Bears at home sandwiched between a Cowboys bloodletting a road trip to play the Seahawks, Rams and Giants can be overlooked by unfocused teams. I don’t think that’s the Eagles, but this one will test their dedication to the craft. Still think they pull it out. Eagles 23, Bears 18.

Give us your predictions below.

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