With the bye week on the horizon, the Eagles hope to enter the week off at 8-1 as they take on Brock Osweiler and the Denver Broncos at home. The team will be wearing their all-black uniforms for the game.

On the injury front, Ronald Darby (ankle) and Zach Ertz (hamstring) are questionable. Doug Pederson said Friday he expects Ertz to play. As for Jay Ajayi, he will be active for today’s game with a small package of plays. On ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown, Sal Paolantonio mentioned it was about 10-15 plays he’s learned used in practice this week.

For the Broncos, backup right tackle Donald Stephenson is out, while wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, right guard Ronald Leary, and inside linebacker Todd Davis are all questionable. The Broncos are expecting to have Sanders back in after missing the last two games with an ankle injury, along with Leary. Davis should be out.

We’ll continually update this post as the game goes along. And check out our predictions to see how good (or probably bad) we guessed this game.


For the Eagles:

Carson Wentz: 15 of 27 for 199 yards, 4 TDs, 2 carries for 8 yards
Jay Ajayi: 8 carries for 77 yards, 1 TD
Corey Clement: 12 carries for 51 yards, 2 TDs, 1 catch for 15 yards, 1 TD
Alshon Jeffery: 6 catches for 84 yards, 2 TDs
Trey Burton: 2 catches for 41 yards, 1 TD
Vinny Curry, Chris Long, and Nigel Bradham: 1 sack each
Patrick Robinson and Rodney McLeod: 1 INT each

For the Broncos:

Brock Osweiler: 19 for 38 for 208 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs
Devontae Booker: 6 carries for 21 yards, 2 catches for 9 yards
Demaryius Thomas: 8 catches for 70 yards, 1 TD
Von Miller: 1 sack, 1 forced fumble
Brandon Marshall: 1 sack, 1 fumble return for touchdown

4:24 – The Eagles are 8-1 and have more wins than they did last year. 51-23 is your final.

4:04 – The Eagles have put up a 50 burger against the Broncos. Clement’s four yard rushing score is his third TD of the game. 51-23 Eagles.


3:54 – Foles fumbles on a Von Miller sack, Brandon Marshall scoops it up and the Broncos score a touchdown. Eagles up 44-23.


3:50 – Nick Foles is in the game to an ovation.

3:46 – The Broncos have a touchdown. Osweiler finds Thomas from one yard out. 44-16 Eagles.


3:35 – Nick Foles is warming up. It’s the end of the third quarter. Eagles lead 44-9, but the Broncos are driving. Oh no!

3:32 – No Eagles quarterback has ever done this:

3:30 – Another touchdown for Wentz. Finds Jeffery four yards out. Elliott misses the PAT, but it’s 44-9 Eagles with three minutes left…in the third:


3:27 – Osweiler has his second pick of the game. He heaves it up and Rodney McLeod gets it.


3:25 – Joel Embiid and Justin Anderson are also at the game:

3:24 – Tim Jernigan down on the field. He’s walking off on his own.

3:19 – I’m in Syracuse watching this game, and CBS has decided to go away to a more competitive game.

3:13 – Lane Johnson is back on the sidelines.

3:11 – Touchdown Eagles. Wentz executes the option to Corey Clement for his second TD of the game. 38-9 Birds.


3:05 – Lane Johnson appears to be hurt. Pointing to his back. But he jogs off the field. He jogs to the locker room a play later.

3:03 – The Eagles are really good pt. 2:

2:58 – Eagles begin the second half with the ball.


For the Eagles:

Carson Wentz: 12 of 21 for 177 yards, 3 TDs
Jay Ajayi: 5 carries for 69 yards (nice), 1 TD
Corey Clement: 4 carries for 9 yards, 1 catch for 15 yards, 1 TD
Alshon Jeffery: 4 catches for 63 yards, 1 TD
Trey Burton: 2 catches for 41 yards, 1 TD
Vinny Curry: 1 sack
Patrick Robinson: 1 INT

For the Broncos:

Brock Osweiler: 8 for 18 for 108 yards, 1 INT
Devontae Booker: 4 carries for 16 yards
Demaryius Thomas: 5 catches for 54 yards
Bradley Roby: 4 tackles
Von Miller: 3 tackles

2:45 – At the half, the Broncos are bad. The Eagles are really good. It’s 31-9 Birds.

2:37 – The Eagles are really good.

2:35 – My god. Jay Ajayi runs for a 46-yard touchdown. His first of the season. Eagles are up 31-9 with 1:20 to go.

2:31 – Well this is grand!

2:30 – Sean Couturier’s at the Eagles game:


2:24 – After giving up a deep pass to Emmanuel Sanders, the Eagles defense holds the Denver offense on goal to go. McManus makes the 23-yard field goal. Now 24-9 Eagles with 3:03 left in the opening half.

2:19 – Vinny Curry limped to the sideline and went to the ground after a Denver first down. Meanwhile…

2:15 – Carson Wentz for MVP:

2:12 – Touchdown! Wentz finds Trey Burton for the 27-yard score. Eagles take a 24-6 lead with 9:15 left in the half.


1:59 – Emmanuel Sanders couldn’t hang on to a 3rd and 2 catch and instead of challenging the call, Vance Joseph decides to go for three. McManus makes the 53-yard field goal, and it’s now 17-6 Eagles.

1:53 – Brock did this:

1:48 – We’re done one quarter. The Eagles lead 17-3. This is fun.


1:46 – The Eagles are rolling. Wentz finds Corey Clement for a 15-yard touchdown pass. It’s 17-3 now with 53 seconds left in the opening quarter.


1:44 – Brock Osweiler is officially back. Patrick Robinson intercepts him and the Eagles have great field position:


1:39 – Jake Elliott, who’s still our baby, nails a 45-yard field goal down the middle. 10-3 Eagles.

1:27 – Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry crush C.J. Anderson, who remains down on the field after that loss.


He walked off the field on his own power and is probable to return.

1:24 – Another example of how much the team has improved from last year:

1:23 – Touchdown Eagles! Wentz finds Alshon Jeffery for 32 yards on the floater for the first touchdown of the game. 7-3 Birds with 6:34 left in the opening quarter.


1:15 – Eagles starting from their own 25. First back in: Kenjon Barner. Ok?

1:12 – Former Temple Owl Brandon McManus hits a 52-yard field goal. Broncos take the early 3-0 lead.

1:10 – Brock Osweiler looking like his old self:

1:04 – Before the second snap of the game, Denver takes a timeout.

1:03 – Broncos start at their own 25. Mills and Robinson the outside corners, Joe Walker at the MIKE spot.

1:01 – Broncos win the coin toss and elect to receive. So the defense starts the game for another week.

12:20 – Fans gave Ajayi an ovation when coming out. He’s ready to play.

11:44 – Here’s Jay Ajayi out warming up in an oxygen mask. He likes to wear one when warming up:

11:40 – Brent Celek is listed as the starter at tight end. But expect to see plenty of Trey Burton at the position.

11:30 – A big surprise: Zach Ertz is out:

The full inactives list, which includes Darby:

All five running backs are active.