Comcast Spectacor is Jumping on the eSports Bandwagon

There’s a Crossing Broad reader named “ESPORTS ARE THE FUTURE” who frequently posts in the comments section.

Maybe he knew something, because Comcast Spectacor announced Wednesday morning that they’re getting into the competitive gaming business with the introduction of the “Philadelphia Fusion.”

That sounds like the name of a minor league hockey team, but it’s not, it’s a professional gaming brand that will begin playing in the “Overwatch League” in December. Overwatch is a modern-day shooter, something like Destiny meets Halo meets the G.O.A.T., Goldeneye 007.

Orange and black will be the Fusion colors, matching their sister club, the Philadelphia Flyers.

From the press release, Comcast Spectacor President and CEO Dave Scott:

“We are thrilled to introduce the Philadelphia Fusion brand and team colors as we continue our exciting march toward the start of the season. Orange and black are colors of passion here in Philadelphia, and we are proud to incorporate them as we continue to formulate our coaching staff and roster of players.”

Expect a coaching staff and roster announcement in the coming weeks. I think they should go for a new and innovative sports science advocate, and not some eSports retread, but that’s just my opinion.

The most interesting thing to me doesn’t have anything to do with gaming, but the fact that Comcast seems to be branching out and buying more sports properties. The company acquired a National Lacrosse League expansion franchise just two months ago. They now own the Flyers, Fusion, (Wings), and the Maine Mariners, a new ECHL team that will begin play in 2018-2019.

That’s similar to the moves made by the recently formed Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, the Josh Harris and David Blitzer company that owns the Sixers, Devils, Team Dignitas, Crystal Palace FC, and a couple of minor league teams.


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  1. I hope Overwatch League fails. Blizzard has a horrible history with eSports in its games, and this heavy handed approach to demanding a 20 million (!!!) buy in fee for a game that draws at most 30-50k viewers on Twitch is absolutely mind boggling. They want their hand in every pie and I hope they fail because of it. And there is a good chance they do, since every one of their other games has a failed eSports scene, all traced back to Blizzards business decisions.

    1. Umm… Maybe you’re a young man but blizzard pretty much INVENTED esports with the Starcraft scene from like 2003-2009… you can gimme Quake but it was nowhere close. Their hardware created DotA and the Warcraft 3 scene in China was and still is stupidly massive. DotA came from Aeon of Strife.

      They waited for the infrastructure to be built and now they are moving in. I love the esports discussion but let’s not talk like a jaggoff here.

      1. Blizzard killed the successful and much stronger SC:BW eSports scene in the name of the SC2 scene … which is dead. So they killed two birds with one stone there.

        Everything else was a failure. WoW Arena? lol. Heartstone? Floundering, nothing special. SC2, was mentioned. Their most successful eSports scene they killed off themselves.

        Oh, Diablo 3? lol.

        So yeah, sorry if I am not optimistic.

  2. I like a little Pac Man with the grandkids every now and then, but to call this “sports?” WTF?

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