Details of Roy Halladay’s Crash Released

The NTSB released preliminary findings in the investigation of Roy Halladay’s plane crash. They’re about what was expected after seeing the video of him flying:

Retired star pitcher Roy Halladay sped his small sports plane low over the Gulf of Mexico minutes before his fatal crash two weeks ago, climbing sharply in the final seconds before diving into the water, federal investigators said in a preliminary report released Monday.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Noreen Price placed no blame for the Nov. 7 accident near Tampa, simply laying out the facts as gleaned from the plane’s data recorder and eyewitnesses. A final report with conclusions could take one to two years.

Price says Halladay, 40, had taken off from a lake near his Tampa-area home about 17 minutes before the crash, taking his ICON A5 to 1,900 feet before dropping to 600 feet as he neared the coastline. He then dropped to 36 feet when he reached the water. While flying at about 105 mph, Halladay skimmed the water at 11 feet, flying in a circle before climbing to 100 feet, the plane’s data showed.

So preventable.


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  1. This isn’t a commercial airliner with parts spread out over the Atlantic. I don’t understand. The plane was pretty much intact in shallow water. They should have the cause in a few months. I think it’s already apparent it was pilot error. An unrecoverable dive. No different from those guys in the X games who keep pushing stunts farther and farther until they fail. The difference there is they are still around to try again and perfect their trick.

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  6. Back to the subject, considering the guy that designed that plane was killed in a crash of one, there might be some sort of issue here.

  7. 8.5…. somber, serious, dorky grief-stricken Kyle (when he had zero attachment to the person that died)…. “so preventable” (cue uncomfortable silence and fade to black)

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