Gabe Kapler Is F*cking Jacked

I can see EVERYTHING. He isn’t even real. Bob thinks he looks like one of those mannequins at Dicks. I think he looks like GI Joe impregnated Frozone and out came a meathead with a curious obsession with coconut oil and VORP.

If there’s not a Gabe Kapler shirtless night next year, the Phillies are doing it very wrong. Because oh that would feel so right.


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    1. Just the type of tanned and buff guy that will constantly cruise the #ayborhood, looking for action.
      Next stop: Woody’s lounge.

  1. Yea Kyle….when you work hard and lift weights you can look like a man. #kyleisbuiltlikeagirl

  2. The perfect storm rolls through!
    Richard Sherman done for the year!
    Zeke out for the next 6 games!
    Aaron Rogers done!
    And!!!!! The super bowl is in Minnesota, a stones throw away from Carson’s hometown of Fargo ND!!!!!

    THIS IS IT!!!!!

  3. I don’t like it. I like my baseball managers to be fat and out of shape because they’re all baseball 24/7 and have no time for anything else. Except maybe smoking and drinking.

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