Get Tickets To Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Come join us at our Crossing Broad holiday party.

Details: Saturday, December 2 from 8-12. Bourbon Blue in Manayunk. Good times, a four-hour open bar with craft beer courtesy of Oskar Blues Brewery, and mixed drinks.

Ticket packages:

Option 1

$40 ($45 at door)

Craft beer from Oskar Blues Brewery

House spirits, wines and domestic beers

Get it here


Option 2

$45 ($50 at door)

Craft beer from Oskar Blues Brewery

Premium spirits, wines and domestic and imported beers

Get it here


13 Responses

    1. Will this be an all WHITE christmas?

      If there’s no coal at this party, I might come by.
      Bourbon Blue’s food, especially their Blue Burger, is pretty good.

  1. If there ain’t complementary bowls full of that high grade dank at this shindig, I’m sorry but it’s a no go for me, gotta have the Christmas trees…..

  2. Nothing on Angelo picking against a monkey. Now that’s real entertainment. Shows why he’s ruled Philly sports radio for 20 years.

  3. Prolly not, but there’s a new Asian Massage parlor about 5 mins away in Roxborough. They have some insane talent there just off the boat

  4. 9.9…. for an all-knowing, all-seeing millennial who consistently criticizes virtually anyone/anything (that doesn’t fit his “cool guy criteria”) for not being original or “cutting edge”, the best you could come up with is an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?!?!?! Ugly Christmas Sweater parties were funny/interesting roughly 10-15 years ago…. when department stores begin selling something, there’s a good chance it’s no longer funny. Side note- anyone who attends this party (let alone PAYS)…. and isn’t either part of Kyle’s family or collects a pay check in his basement…. needs some serious self-examination. Said another way, if you read this while attending and aren’t in one of those two groups, you should leave immediately and go anywhere that has alcohol and will let you in (please remember to remove your “funny” sweater).

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