I Can’t Believe I’m Responding To This Stupid Ass Take

I knew this was going to happen again. I was prepared for some media putz looking to gain notoriety and/or strike up ratings to go on the air and deliver a completely asinine, unsubstantiated and incoherent anti-Philly sports take in hopes of becoming the focal point of angry Tweets, blog posts and sports radio segments. This is how sports fans work. “You don’t like my team? Then fuck you.” The byproduct of that anger is giving relevance to those who spark it. That’s how Skip Bayless, a guy who is universally despised and dismissed as a know-nothing ass clown has 2.7 million Twitter followers. For my part, I swore the next time something like this came across my desk that I was going to recognize it as an obvious and desperate ploy for attention. I wasn’t going to take the bait and respond. Nope. Not this time.

Enter Nick Wright, a guy I had never heard of before today, who was on FS1’s First Things First, a show I had never heard of before today, who said some of the dumbest shit I’ve heard from anybody on any platform this season. That’s quite a feat.

Just when I thought I was out, they keep pulling me back in.

He begins by saying he doesn’t trust the Eagles, that they weren’t a Super Bowl contender without Jay Ajayi and they aren’t a Super Bowl contender with him. Though I disagree, that’s fine, I guess. Can’t kill the guy over that.

Co-host Cris Carter then asks him if not the Eagles, then who? I love how Wright says, “You’re not going to like my list.” He essentially acknowledges that what he’s about to say makes no fucking sense. He goes on to cite the Seahawks, Vikings, Saints and Panthers as teams more likely to reach the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks get no argument from me. They could be an issue. They have postseason experience, a top-tier quarterback and great coaching staff. But the Vikings? Wright says he’s seen teams with average quarterbacks and great defenses win before. True, but you know what’s even better? Teams with very good quarterbacks and great defenses, like…the Eagles. The Saints scare nobody. And the Panthers? You mean the team that just traded away its best receiver in Kelvin Benjamin, and lost at home on national TV to the Eagles three weeks ago in a game that wasn’t as close as the final score indicates. Seriously?

In defending his criticisms of the Eagles, Wright noted they have many good players, but “nobody that scares you.” I guess the consensus frontrunner for MVP isn’t scary. He also pointed to the 2016 Cowboys as an example of a team with a young quarterback that outperformed expectations only to lose in the postseason. Never mind that it took a Herculean performance from Aaron Rodgers to eliminate that team, or that the offense had to mask a mediocre defense. And that’s the thing, by the end of the segment it became apparent he didn’t even believe what he was saying. It’s laughable. The sad part is this thing is all over Twitter. We’re all eating it up and I’m as guilty as anybody. I just took the time to write about this clown fishing for attention and he’s getting it. I got suckered again. Hook, line and sinker.


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  1. I can, that’s half the content on this website.

    1. He kinda looks like a clean-shaven ISIS member that’s trying to blend back into society.

      GO DODGERS!!!

  2. Carolina easily should have won that game. If Stewart doesn’t drop that pass that became an INT and a TD deep in CAR territory and a tipped pass that became an INT and a TD deep in CAR terriorty, I think Carolina wins that game easily. People tend to forget that Carolina was without the 2nd best Tight End in the NFL, they were without one of the better safeties in the NFL, Kurt Coleman for that game, they were without Ryan Kalil and they were without the best linebacker, maybe the best defensive player in the NFL for about 3/4ths of the game in Luke Kuechly. Now I know the Eagles were without one of the best LT’s in the league and without Darby, a decent, good at best cornerback and Carolina still had a chance to beat that team all the way up until the end. Basically my argument here is that Olsen, Kuechly, Colemen and Kalil are more impactful to their teams than Lane Johnson and Ronald Darby. When both squads are fully healthy, I think the Panthers beat the Eagles nine times out of ten so really, the Eagles’ only competition in the NFC is Seattle and Carolina.

    1. If this. If that. 9 out of 10?

      IF the Eagles didn’t have 126 yards in penalties and IF the Panthers had more than 1 – ..blah, blah if if if

    2. I think a worse take than Nick Wright on Pro football is someone saying that Kurt Coleman is an elite safety, when he is lucky to be in the NFL & is the Panthers weak link. Carolina’s pass defense is comparable with Philadelphia’s & they don’t force enough turnovers to be a contender (Which is the only benefit he brought to the 2011 Eagles. He had decent hands & could intercept a ball. He couldn’t cover a TE. He couldn’t tackle). There is no way Kurt Coleman is better than Rodney McLeod or Malcom Jenkins. We saw the difference between 2011 and now with what a proper secondary can do for a team. When Coleman was on the Eagles, Philadelphia allowed more touchdowns by tight ends and yards by tight ends than any other Eagle team in history. Also, the only reason the Eagles allow so many passing yards is because opponents pass against them way more than other teams when the Eagles defense shut down the run. 27 more attempts against than New England. 80 more than Carolina. They rank pretty highly in YPA for a pass defense & opposing passer rating & turning the ball over. That’s the meat & potatoes of a good passing defense & they are pretty good.



  3. What, nobody asking for my take?

    C’mon Kyle. There’s a reason you stopped doing Skip Bayless content ages ago. He’s not an idiot, he’s a work. Put your foot down and stop letting your writers give Fox free advertising for their Sports Entertainment.

  4. With Kamara/Ingram manning the backfield and a young and rapidly improving defense led by Lattimore, they most certainly are worth worrying about.

  5. The guy may very well be right. Because of injuries, the o-line is incredibly thin right now. The Redskins proved that on Sunday.

  6. Dude is right- Eagles will go 11-5 and get bounced in their first playoff game but ill still have a jobby

  7. I saw this dicknose and cc (hey cc! Open your eyes) the other day; they are almost as unwatchable as ESPN has become. That said, he’s close to right. They’ll win 12 and then bounce out in the playoffs. They’re not playoff tough yet.

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