Joel Embiid Just Planted His Flag Among the Philadelphia Sports Immortals

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus.

While you were sleeping, or maybe if you were still awake, Joel Embiid gifted all of us one of those “wait, what am I seeing” performances against the largely not good enough Lonzo Ball and his Los Angeles Lakers.

Embiid posted your basic 46/15/7/7 on the heads of the feckless Lakers and led your team, your town, your 76ers to a 115-109 win. And for some men that would have been sufficient. But if you think that was enough for JoJo, you better ask somebody:

Yeah you are.


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    1. Phil… pump da brakes biatch. Da kid is really good… let’s hold up on da immortal shit y’all.

  1. JJ Redick was brought here as a 3 pt specialist, but yet this lame has been struggling big-time, and in his last 3 games he’s 3 – 21 from beyond the arc( 0 – 8 last night).

    Now I know Markelle Fultz has been struggling, but he’s a 19 year old rookie, not a 33 year old 12 year nba veteran JJ Redick and my question is why is he(Redick) getting a free pass?

  2. Best Sixers game I’ve seen in 10 years.

    Simmonds and Embiid are the best Combo since Player 1 and Player 2 in Contra

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