OK so it’s a little past morning already. Whatever. Rigidity for days after that drubbing last night.

Here’s the takeaway: We expected this. Once Ezekiel Elliott went out and the Cowboys were certain to be without their starting left tackle, we expected the Eagles to dominate dem boyz. We expect them to win on Sunday. That would mean the Eagles will most likely be heading into that Seahawks game in two weeks having not played a truly contested game in four weeks. This is where the season will be decided. They’ve locked up the NFC East. Right now it’s all about seeding and homefield advantage. That Rams game looms large (though they play the Saints this week, which could either put two teams two games behind the Eagles, or the Rams three games behind). So while it was exhilarating to watch the Birds demoralize Jerry Jones and all those Cowboys jackasses last night, the Eagles are about where we expected them to be right now. They’re in that weird “expected to win, disappointing if they lose” mode. It won’t be until the Seahawks and Rams games that we can really feel like they’re climbing the ladder again.

These are good problems to have, to be sure. If they take 3 of the next 4, then you can just about lock up homefield advantage. 2-2? Then, I suspect we’re battling with the Saints for the number one seed in the conference.

Quick thing on the Saints: They’re good. Really fucking good. Maybe the best team in football right now. Everyone is under the impression that as long as you get homefield against them you’re fine. Not so. This team is built to win on the road. They have a dynamic running game – better than the Falcons’ last year – and a good defense, with a veteran coach and quarterback who know how to win. They scare me. Not gonna lie.

But that’s for later.

We have a win to celebrate.

Let’s Wood!


Al Michaels

Is he dead?

For real, he watered down my excitement for the game.

I’m an Al Michaels fan, but I’ve felt for a few years now he’s been lukewarm in his Sunday Night play-by-play duties. Actually thought he bounced back last year and perhaps someone reminded him that he was calling the biggest football game of the week every week. But last night he was downright disinterested. I don’t love every screaming announcer. I like guys who have some perspective and don’t lose their shit at every 10-yard gain. But Michaels’ enthusiasm didn’t come close to matching the moment on, say, this play…


… or this play:





That sounds sexual… and violent.



To be honest, I have no idea if that’s the appropriate use of stunting. But I could get down with the Eagles doing this after every devastating loss they dole out.



I can’t believe no one has thought of this yet.



Jerry Jones apparently honored himself during halftime. But I’m not sure what’s weirder, that or having popcorn buckets with your initials on them. And what I want to know is are these always offered or was it special just for the 30-point second half beatdown?


Almost a dick

Cris Collinsworth came so close.


Having sex

Apropos of nothing, this Tweet:


Cole Hamels is whiter than me. Hard to do.



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