Nick Wright is at it again.

Here he is declaring that the 9-1 Eagles, who have won eight straight games and have the best record in the NFL, are not the best team in the NFC:

“I am not going to make the same mistake this year that I did last. So my answer is no they are not the clear-cut best team in the NFC because right now I do not believe that there is a clear-cut best team in the NFC. I believe you can make an equally strong case for Philly, Minnesota and New Orleans, and right behind them, but clearly behind that group of three, Carolina. Last year, I was all-in. The team with the best record was the best team, they had the best quarterback, they were so well-rounded on offense, the Dallas Cowboys.”

Why is that even when Nick is right he feels so wrong?

This isn’t a horrible take. The Saints and Vikings and Rams scare me, too. But to this point the Eagles have proven themselves to be the class of the conference. They’ve handled everything that has been thrown at them, most of it with ease. The thing is, Wright has been downplaying the Eagles for weeks now. First it started with the Seahawks, and then once they showed themselves not to be worthy, it was the Rams, and now it’s the Vikings and Saints. You know what the one constant in all that has been? The Eagles. Just slow and steady poundings, doled out each week. So even if Nicky Nose has a point, this is how media members lose credibility– they make their stance known, try to hide it in impartiality, and thus ruin all futures takes. Something smells here. And it’s not the Eagles.