Nike is working on a way to keep their NBA jerseys in one piece.

There have already been five incidents this season of uniforms being shredded and torn during the course of a game.

In a statement to ESPN, the athletic company admitted a need for improvement:

We are very concerned to see any game day tear and are working to implement a solution that involves standardizing the embellishment process and enhancing the seam strength of game day jerseys. The quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance and we are working with the NBA and teams to avoid this happening in the future.

Nike signed an eight-year, $1 billion deal with the NBA that began this past year. Adidas was the previous uniform provider.

NBA jersey ripping has happened before. It occurred with former Sixer Elton Brand when his shirt was torn by current Sixer Amir Johnson, who was then playing for the Raptors. But it doesn’t happen regularly.

The recent shredding began in the preseason with Tyler Ennis. Since then, LeBron James, Draymond Green, and Kevin Love have also been victims, along with Ben Simmons last week in the Hawks game:

Nike had jersey problems in the past with the Eagles. Back when the team switched over to the “Elite 51” fabrication, the team wore their white and black jerseys for the first 10 games of the season. The Midnight Green jerseys didn’t debut until the second half of that season because it was a custom color for Nike and required extra time to make.

The Birds upgraded to the “Vapor Untouchable” template this year and debuted their midnight green jerseys at their Week 3 home opener against the Giants. That was the game where this happened: