The Meek Mill Story Has Taken Another Ridiculous Turn

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Last week, I wrote that Joshua Harris should throw his significant BILLIONAIRE weight around and see if he can pull some strings to get Sixers superfan Meek Mill’s sentenced reduced or commuted, because we would not stand for a rogue judge impacting our courtside celeb game just as things are HEATING UP.

I was kidding (I think?), but that is exactly what happened when Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin – founder of GSI Commerce and currently CEO of Kynetic, who is worth $2.9 billion and just 94 spots behind Joshua Harris on Forbes’ real-time billionaires list – wrote a letter to the judge. obtained the letter. You can read the whole thing here, but here’s the salient part:


That letter is but just a small part in the all-out campaign to free Meek Mill, who is currently in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for technical parole violations stemming from a 2008 drug and weapons charge.

Last night, the Sixers were reportedly banned from wearing black bands in support of Meek:

And people took to the streets to campaign on Meek’s behalf. That includes Rubin, Dr. J, and Rick Ross:

We’re on some real fucking shit here. Rick Ross reading his speech off an iPhone in support of Meek is just downright fucking fantastic.

Today, more pleas:

But that’s before we get to the best part of this, which comes to us courtesy of the New York Post, which reports that the FBI has been investigating the judge who sentenced Meek for her relationship with Charlie Mack, a Philly based producer, and for potential extortion to get Meek to sign with him.

From the NY Post:

Meek’s attorney Joe Tacopina has publicly claimed Brinkley showed “enormous bias” against the star and acted “inappropriately” by repeatedly asking the rapper to drop his current management, Roc Nation, and sign with Philly music figure Charlie Mack, whom Meek worked with early in his career.

A source told us of the FBI interest in the case, “The feds have an interest in the judge and [her] potential relationships. This is an investigation looking into a possible extortionate demand. Undercover agents have been in the courtroom monitoring the Meek proceedings since April 2016.”

Brinkley also is said to have asked Meek — in her private chambers in front of Meek’s then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj — to record a Boyz II Men song and give a positive shoutout to Brinkley in the lyrics. Mack manages the R&B group.

Holy shit this thing is so Philly it hurts. Meek, the Sixers, Eagles, a corrupt judge, and now Boys II Fucking Men.

There’s more.

A quick search for Charlie Mack turns up that he used to be Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s bodyguard. Plot twist, M Night.* Smith, WHO WAS THE BEST MAN AT MACK’S WEDDING, is also a Sixers co-owner.

*He’s the only one with something to lose here. With Meek being sentenced to 2-4 years in jail M Night instantly moved up into the number one spot in the Sixers courtside rankings. But if Meek comes back after receiving the help of, like, the entire city and literally one of the team’s owners, he locks up that number one spot for a decade. He’ll owe a life debt to Rubin and the team. He may have to perform free concerts at halftime 4 life. Poor M Night.

So let’s just reset the table here: One Sixers co-owner is pleading with a judge to reduce the sentence of his friend and team supporter while the FBI investigates the same judge for her ties to another co-owner’s best friend, who may be behind the whole damn thing! The only way this could get more Philly is if the rest of the NFL-leading Eagles turned out in support of the rapper as well:


I am so in on this story it’s not even funny. Meek’s legend grows. He may be Jack, Spike and that weird guy with the coat and cowboy hat rolled into one. We need him courtside Saturday against the Warriors. Steph has no chance in the gravity of these sort of power brokers. In fact, I want Harris, Rubin, Blitzer, Smith, Meek, the judge, Mack, and even Lil Dicky just for shits and giggles, all seated together courtside. Throw in the old guy with the white hair and… the other old guy with the white hair who is the lawyer in the Penn State frat thing, and it’ll be a big Philly party. Here they come.


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  1. What reputable site writes, “WHY WOULD YOU READ ANY OTHER SITE”?
    So thirsty and desperate, not to mention your posting something from another site.
    Really tough to keep reading your site when you do shit like that man… just sayin

  2. Here’s a clue: don’t fuck with the judge who has jurisdiction over your case. How fucking hard is that to understand?

      1. You must be a DIRTY REDNECK, that hides when you call blacks out their names. Y’all are the same ones that praise white boys for raping unconscious white girls. Y’all are the sick ppl of the world.

  3. He’s in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT because he is a celebrity for his own protection. Don’t be an asshole and imply the judge gave him any harsher of a penalty then he deserved. Call Me Ed nailed it. Don’t want to go to jail? Don’t break the fucking law. Assholes.

    1. There’s literally no way they’d let anyone touch him in there. He’d rule the damn prison. It’s a punishment.

  4. Crazy they can organize a protest in the day but can’t figure out the Wawa touchscreen

  5. soo he violated his parole from doing gangsta shit by doing more gangsta shit and he should be let go as if it didnt happen?

    ahhhhhh, i gettt ittttt.

    Why is there outrage again?

  6. Ppl are acting like meek got the short end of the stick. HE WAS RELEASED ON PAROLE. That was his “get out of jail card”. They didn’t have to give him parole, he could’ve done his whole sentence. So what does he do? Violated terms of parole. He knew the rules and chose not to play by them. I think that’s what ppl are forgetting


      1. Yea but he was dismissed. Stop actin like he was guilty 11years on probation and both charges were dismissed so what r u talking about find ur facts in a more reliabkr source if he sid shit wrong yeah throw the book at him..this was NOT THE CASE

      2. First and formost i blâme Meek Mills Attorney who handle the Probation Violation hearing when Judge Brinkley extended his initial 5years of probation to 10years probation for only Technical Violations without a new criminal offense Meeks lawyer should of attacked rite then and there any good Pa.Criminal defense attorney knows that it is a major violation of the pa.sentencing statue guidelines for a Pa.Judge to extend a 5year probationary sentence To a 10year probationary sentence only for technical violations the only way a Pa.Judge can extenso your probation is if you were arrested and convicted for a new criminal offense while on probation in PA. Meeks lawyer was ineffective by not challenging and appealing that issue of the Judge illegally extending Meeks 5years probation the Judge abused her authority and discrétion and committed judicial misconduct and then turn around and sentence Meek To a Pa.State Prison sentence of 2 to 4years after She already Violated the Pa.Sentencing Statutes by illegally extending Meeks 5years of probation to 10years probation and Meek lawyer stood there and did nothing no appeal no federal habeas corpus no re considération of
        Sentence no post conviction relief petition no Mandamus petition Meek lawyer could of uses any one of these legal tools to get Meeks probation terminated but failed to do so and committed legal malpractice if i was Meek i would Sue his lawyer and the Judge for railroading him.Yours Truly Ron Cocharan,ESQ.

        1. I’ll admit, Idk the specifics about everything with Meeks situation.
          First let me say this, probation and parole are 2 different things, so which is it, or was he somehow on both? Usually judges will toss probation if you do state time or they’ll run it together.
          Now, if he did wrongfully get more probation/parole (which is it?) Tacked on, he should have a pretty good legal team, they should’ve started filing motions/appeals to get it sorted out for Meek. But in the meantime, he needed to fly low under the radar and on the right side of the law. Give the state no reason to even think of violating him, while his lawyers got things sorted out. It looks like he failed to do that. He wasn’t treated unfairly, bc he was out on the streets! He didn’t cover his back the way he needed to, and his lawyers might failed him or he wasn’t proactive enough.

          1. *proactive enough with his lawyers that they see things through. Meeks been on this for yrs, these appeals and motions take months. The ball was dropped somewhere. Who knows, maybe his lawyers can get him out of this jam. But miss me with the meek got shafted talk, he failed himself

    2. Meek was wrongfully on parole for ten years… You’d slip up somewhere in there too. Especially when you were 19

  7. Wow, MM is talking today about the same exact thing I commented on yesterday, here at crossing broad one of yesterday’s articles. I said we put way too much stock in Dallas games, glad Mike agrees with that

  8. When I was released for prison, I had parole and probation to finish. I signed a document stating that I understood that the judge could send me back to prison “FOR ANY REASON OR FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER”. I watched my step. This guy, whoever he is…I never heard of him…is an retard of the first order.

    When you have probation you had better not take it lightly. This is nothing out of the ordinary. NOTHING.

  9. California &Hollywood lawyers needed in the east coast…
    They would have this SHIT wrapped up n town out by now. Slow progress. Still fucked up angry petty judges out there. And slow slow slow slow process to get any thing done when it comes to dis shit

  10. When Joel hops onto the table in his socks the roar from the prisoners is going to be louder than the one Johnny got when sang Folsom Prison Blues at Folsom Prison.

  11. when she visits Meek at the prison.

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