Trust the Cleaning Process

How do college kids make the worst part of party hosting fun? You theme it around the Sixers.

Cleaning is never enjoyable, but these guys from St. Joe’s get it. One of them is a junior forward on the Hawks’ soccer team. Whoever thought of this idea in the house is a god damn genius:

The disinfecting spray as part of the player intros, the warm-up layups into the basketball trash can, the charging call followed by the sweeping of the hardwood floor, the t-shirt toss as laundry. Wow.

But more importantly, the star of the video has to be the huge T.J. McConnell cut out:

Trust The (Cleaning) Process indeed.

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5 Responses

  1. Yeah, awesome job…at proving these nerds all need anonymous affirmations from the internet to feel good.

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