Billy Penn is Not at the Top of the New Comcast Tower

Photo credit: LF Driscoll

Even though construction manager LF Driscoll put a miniature Billy Penn statue on top of the new Comcast Technology Center, it won’t be the building’s tallest point.

And if you’re a conspiracy theorist, maybe that’s why the Eagles lost on Sunday night.

An explanation after the jump:

It’s easy to see there’s something above the mini statue. I think they might be satellites, but I’m probably wrong.

Anywho, the contraption isn’t that tall either:

Why couldn’t the contractors put the statue right on the very top? I see no harm in moving it up a few feet.

Here’s why this is meaningful:

Before the Liberty Place skyscrapers were built, Billy Penn, sitting above City Hall, was the tallest structure in all of Philadelphia. For years, there was a gentlemen’s agreement to not build anything taller than Penn’s hat. That agreement was broken in the 80s with One Liberty Place, and it began a curse on Philly sports for the next two decades.

When LF Driscoll built the first Comcast Center, they put a mini Billy Penn statue at the top of the building. Within a year, the Phillies won the World Series. The curse was over.

With the Eagles now a contender to possibly win a Super Bowl, the statue was placed near the top of the new Comcast tower. But since it’s not at the very top, it won’t do anyone justice. So cancel your Super Bowl parade plans, because you will know who to blame when the Eagles lose in February.

That is unless they move the statue to its rightful place at the top.


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  1. While that does seem like an oversight, considering that the actual top of the building is going to be a spire, I’m not sure it’s possible to put Billy at the very tippity top.

  2. This is our big chance. If the Eagles win the Superbowl this year, before the hoagie chomping gr3aseb4lls manage to shanghai Comcast into some stupid fucking ethnic pagan en-statuing ceremony, we can prove this to be nonsense and finally be rid of this awful space-filler story.

  3. You’re right. They are the new comcast brainwave mind control antennas. I just installed them

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