We’re officially on the road to recovery.

Carson Wentz had his ACL surgery today, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen:

Who is James Bradley? He’s the Steelers’ team doctor. The Eagles’ franchise quarterback was operated on by the Steelers’ team doctor.

You probably expected the surgery to be done by Dr. James Andrews, who has patched up seemingly every injured athlete and is usually the de facto guy for these types of high-profile surgeries.

I have no clue what goes into that medical decision making process, but I am surprised that the surgery took place this quickly. This type of operating can’t begin until the swelling goes down, and usually that takes longer than 72 hours, but in this case I guess they were good to go. I’m no doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

So write down December 13th, 2017 somewhere, because this is the beginning of the Carson Wentz recovery time frame.