Cowboys-Eagles Game Predictions

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The Eagles wrap up the regular season at home against the Dallas Cowboys in a really cold New Year’s Eve matchup. With a win, the Eagles would set a franchise record for wins in a season with 14, and sweep the division for the first time since 2004.

To recap, here’s where the staff stands entering Week 17:

1: Bob (14-1)

2: Tyler (13-2)

T3: Chris, Coggin (12-3)

T5: Kevin, Kyle, Tim (11-4)

8: Phil (10-5)

9: Anthony (7-8) (7-5, according to Anthony)

Our predictions for this week are after the jump:

Phil: Man…I was absolutely sure my Raiders pick last week was coming through. Happy to be wrong. Anyway we shouldn’t be picking this game and to be brutally honest you shouldn’t bother watching this game. Neither team cares about the outcome. Both teams have legitimate reasons not to put their best players at physical risk in punishing conditions. Please don’t bet this game under any circumstances. Cowboys 23, Eagles 16.

Bob: Tricky game here. The Cowboys offense can’t seem to function without Tyron Smith, who will miss Sunday’s game—one that means absolutely nothing to Dallas. Meanwhile, the Eagles will reportedly play their starters in attempt to gain some momentum heading into the postseason after a lackluster performance last week. I’m not sure how long they’ll play or what they’ll accomplish in sub freezing temperatures, but I like the Eagles to sweep the division and grab a franchise record 14th win. Eagles 19, Cowboys 13.

Coggin: This game means nothing for the Eagles, but will still be interesting to see if Nick Foles can get back some of his mojo and if Sidney Jones’ achilles tendon doesn’t snap off at the bone. Eagles triumph and capture the most wins in a season in franchise history in an ugly ass game. Eagles 17, Cowboys 10.

Tim: I was going to make a pick, but I honestly have no idea what to expect from this game. Hopefully Sidney Jones looks good. Other than that, I don’t have any hopes or expectations.

Anthony: Yeah all the starters will play, but for how long? The game doesn’t matter and I think Doug treats it like a preseason game after a quarter or so. Enjoy ringing in the New Year in the freezing temperatures watching Nate Sudfeld Eagles fans. Cowboys 23, Eagles 16.

Chris: I hope Sidney Jones has a good game and an interception. Would like to see the offense produce a few good drives in the first half. Not looking for a ton from the Birds this game, as the long haul matters more. Cowboys 24, Eagles 20.

Tyler: Usually hoping for a win, Eagles fans are rooting for all the players to emerge healthy from this completely meaningless game for the against the Cowboys. Unlike some, I’m OK with Doug Pederson playing the starters, as long as it is for just one quarter at maximum. Thankfully Sidney Jones makes his debut to give some intrigue for Eagles fans. Although Jerry Jones said Jason Garrett is safe, he will want to prove he deserves to stay. Cowboys 24, Eagles 17.

Kevin K: I’ll abstain since it’s a meaningless game.

Kyle: ???

Give us your predictions below.


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  1. Keep an eye out for Sidney, hes snatchin at least one of the garbage balls dak throws today.

  2. I love how Kyle doesn’t give enough of a shit to make a prediction for the game on his own site. And I guess there’s no live thread today. All nine people that work for this website are too busy?

    1. I agree….huge win today for Spags…..11 wins in 52 games should lead to HC job.
      Also he is a meatball just like Mikey Miss, Cuz and me. A big spicy goomba meatball.

    1. You should know all about one and done, 2 playoff wins since 96, might as well be the browns

    1. For a chance to win a gift certificate for a watch. But Mike I called to talk about our QB. Andrew I don’t understand our callers. The theme of this show is SB halftime trivia.

  3. This Bud is not for you. They drank them all.

  4. Where’s Kyle? Just read 2014 Philly magazine article on him and Crossing Broad, since I was longing for some type of new, to me at least, CB ( quite entertaining especially the opening sentence to the article ) content. I realize that today is a holiday, but nothing about the Eagles loss or the latest Sixers back-to-back win? Or Embiid’ recent hand injury? Or how bout Fletcher Cox flipping out over Swartz potentially coaching the Giants. Guessing there may be new content on their pay site, but I have yet to subscribe, just like, just cause it feels wrong to pay for something that was once free. I realize that it’s just a few bucks a month, but I am 46 and paying for added content just seems wrong to me. Yes, I am sure I will, in time, submit to the pay site, but that doesn’t mean I can’t long for the good old days of this site. Lastly, I read that Angelo kicked The Cuz’s Ass, once again, in the ratings last week, but no mention of the latest update from, at one time at least, the ever popular ‘Radio Wars.’ This post was always insightful and entertaining and, sad to say, a thing of the past. Too bad.

  5. Some great college games yesterday and this site has nothing.

    These “investors” would have been better off putting their money into some T shirt making sweatshop in Vietnam.

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