The Eagles look to officially clinch the NFC East as they enter CenturyLink Field in Seattle to take on the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. A win would extend the team’s winning streak to 10 games, and would keep the Eagles in the top spot in the NFC playoff race.

To recap, here’s where the staff stands entering Week 13:

1: Bob (11-0)

2: Tyler (10-1)

T3: Chris, Coggin, Kevin K, Kyle (9-2)

T7: Phil, Tim (8-3)

9: Anthony (4-7) (4-4, according to Anthony)

Our predictions (some of them are still coming in) for this week are after the jump:

Phil: Selfishly, I want to pick the Seahawks because everyone else on this staff is just going to keep blindly picking the Eagles and I’m tired of being 8-3 with picks and yet still the donkey of the bunch. But that’s not a reason to take the crippled Seahawks against a healthy, motivated Eagles team. This game is the equivalent of the situation where you need one free throw out of two to win the game. The Eagles only really need this game or the Rams game to pave the way to 13-3 and home field through to the Super Bowl. Always make the first FT. Always. Eagles 31, Seahawks 27.

Bob: I’ve watched way too much Seahawks football this season. I hate this team. Their O-line stinks, they can’t run the ball, and their vaunted home field advantage is no more, having lost two straight in front of “The 12th Man.” Initially, I was going to go with, “Despite all of this, I have a feeling Russell Wilson will run around in circles and make enough big plays to give the Eagles one of those vintage excruciating losses,” but as I was writing, I realized I don’t really believe that. Wilson is the entire offense and their defense is vulnerable. The Eagles whoop their ass. Eagles 27, Seahawks 13.

Coggin: Eagles get revenge in a close game that actually sees them LOSING at the start of the 4th quarter, until Carson Wentz puts the team on his back and crafts a career defining drive to put them ahead by three. The Eagles defense forces a key interception and allows the Eagles to run out the clock for the biggest win of the season. Eagles 31, Seahawks 28.

Tim: The “I told you so” brigade among the Philly faithful is waiting to pounce on the first sign of struggle from the Eagles. There’s a good chance their pessimism will be validated at some point on this two-game West Coast swing, but I don’t foresee the Seahawks presenting a significant challenge. Their offensive line continues to be a weakness, so much so that it’s common to see Seattle lining up in a shotgun spread in goal line situations. Russell Wilson remains dangerous, and his ability to extend plays with his feet is the only factor that is giving me pause. The Eagles’ defense has thrived because they have forced the quarterback to throw the ball quickly, which takes a lot of pressure off an inexperienced secondary.
On the other side of the ball, it’s important to realize that Seattle’s defense is a shell of itself. The Seahawks’ defense is so decimated, I even saw the ghost of Byron Maxwell haunting the spot where Richard Sherman used to play. Wentz will have little trouble finding open receivers, and the three-headed monster of Ajayi, Blount, and Clement will continue to find open space to run the football. The Eagles win this game, and wrap up the NFC East. Eagles 34, Seattle 24.

Anthony: Maybe it’s the fact that I’m dizzy from my weekend illness, but I think the Eagles are going to split their next two games. Even the best teams get tripped up from time to time, and this is a tough two-step with Seattle and the Rams. Yes the Seahawks are missing three key defensive starters. No, they have no running back of note. But Russell Wilson would be considered an MVP candidate this season if the Seahawks had a couple more wins – and he can run the ball. He can throw it too and a locked-in QB can make all the difference. Plus, Seattle is approaching desperation mode. A loss here could seriously hurt their playoff chances. Too much riding on this game for a decent team like Seattle not to play their best. The Eagles were a little sloppy last week against the Bears and still won easily. That’s indicative of a team driving on cruise control a little and could get tripped up unexpectedly. The Rams are a better team than Seattle, but I think the Eagles get ambushed today and take it out on LA next week. And by the way… a loss wouldn’t be the worst thing right about now. Helps to refocus for the stretch and the playoffs. Seahawks 27, Eagles 23.

Chris: Seattle is known to start out slow, and the Eagles need to step on their throats early. If Alshon Jeffery can keep his production going, I don’t see the Seahawk defense being that effective. But Russell Wilson is a great dual threat QB, and the Eagles have always found ways to make the opposing QB one dimensional. Wilson will be the best QB they play all season. If Wentz and most of these guys didn’t play in Seattle last year, I think I’d pick the Seahawks. But I think the experience will help the team this time around. Eagles 37, Seahawks 21.

Tyler: The Birds are doing something that hasn’t been done in years, playing in Seattle as the favorites in the game. Philly can lock up the NFC East with a win and the Seahawks need a win to keep pace in the NFC West and a tight NFC wild card race. In the preseason, many thought this would be the harder of the two games on this west coast swing, but now I think this is the easier one. Seattle’s secondary is depleted and the Eagles can take advantage of that. If the Birds make sure this isn’t close late, allowing for Russell Wilson to do Russell Wilson things, then this is an easy Birds win. Eagles 31, Seattle 20.

Kevin K: The Seahawks can’t run the ball and the Eagles will make them further one-dimensional. Game is close for a bit then the Birds pull away in the third quarter. Eagles 24, Seahawks 13.

Kyle: ??

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