Enough with Don Tollefson

The Don Tollefson redemption tour has officially started.

In case you missed it, NBC 10’s Jim Rosenfield spoke with Tollefson about the disgraced sportscaster’s role in scamming over $340,000 from sports fans through his charity’s fundraisers, selling more than 200 people bogus tickets and travel packages that never materialized or came to any type of fruition.

Enough with Don Tollefson.

I understand why he’s still a story, and why NBC 10 would want to interview him, but did the interview have to have such a feel good vibe to it? Literally the first words of the piece are Tollefson saying, “I feel tremendous!” and Rosenfeld then commenting that Tollefson “looked fit when we sat down to talk.”

NBC 10 made sure to first establish that Tollefson looks well after his lengthy prison stay. Perfect. Everyone was very worried that Tollefson’s stint in prison may have left him looking haggard and unrested.

It’s a rocky start, sure, but at least NBC 10 isn’t tipping the interview in any other way to convince viewers that Tollefson is a changed man. It’s an impartial interview, and I’m sure they would do NOTHING to skew the audience’s opinion of Tolly.

Oh wait, THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW IS CONDUCTED AND FILMED IN TOLLEFSON’S FUCKING CHURCH AND IN FRONT OF SEVERAL MEMBERS OF ITS CONGREGATION. Why were the other churchgoers there? Why were they necessary for the interview? As far as I can tell they were there to serve the purpose of a heartwarming shot of Tollefson moving down the pew to kiss and hug each one. WHAT A GREAT GUY!

They should have just gone balls-out and had the church’s gospel choir belt out “Amazing Grace” during the entirety of the interview.

What a crock of shit. Why is this being held in a church, other than to show people that he’s a good guy now? See, see, he’s a churchgoing man now! He’s kissing his fellow churchgoers, hugging them even! Look, look, there are even people of other ethnicities there! He’s found religion! No religious man could still be evil, he’s a good guy!

Thank goodness Rosenfeld makes sure we know that Tollefson is now “sober and deeply religious…and his focus now on counseling families who may be struggling themselves, trying to get help for a loved one gripped with addiction.”

Hey, he’s sober, he’s deeply religious, he’s helping other addicts….why, it’s like he never did any of these horrific things at all! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE JESUS!

At least Don said he would make no excuses and didn’t blame his actions on his addiction to pain-killers and alcohol. He’s just a bad businessperson who made some mistakes:

“I was a one-person non-profit and I’m a terrible businessperson,” said Tollefson. “I’m not saying my addiction caused this. I’m responsible for everything I did as a human being but I made some terrible financial decisions.”

He doesn’t want your sympathy for being an addict, folks, he just feels you should know that he is an addict for reference sake. He’s an open book.

Oh yeah, and how does Don hope to pay back the $165,000 in restitution to the people he swindled? By opening up drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Nothing like making some quick cash off of drug and alcohol addicts to help pay back the people you scammed to help feed your own drug and alcohol addiction.

Don, please take this piece of friendly advice to heart. You swindled people out of $340,000, of which you only have to pay back $165,000, and you served less than the minimum 2 years of prison you were sentenced to. Chalk that all up as a win and just disappear into the ether. Enjoy being a religious man, enjoy being a sober man, and I do hope you get better for the sake of your 7-year-old daughter.

Beat it, Tolly.


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      1. That rumor about Eyton being hung has been going on for years. Some chick he banged posted a pic of it on instagram. Looked pretty big.

  1. Would love to have a talk with Donnie over some drinks

  2. Tilley giving me a great deal eagles tics for sunday game in LA.. still waiting for him to send me tics after i paid him 2K for his package

  3. Par for the course when it comes to the media, especially when it comes to one of their own. There is no unbiased reporting. And they wonder why people turn away from the crap they say.

    Those without sin may cast the first stone.
    Where do you, a Christian come off saying such things about another?
    Do on to others as you wish them to do on to you.
    And stop the immature sexualizing in your comments…act like a journalist not a 6th grader
    Beat It – Coggin

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