FOX Desperate for Rams Fans to Show Up, Puts Out a Casting Call

It’s an unquestionably big, BIG, game this Sunday between the Rams and Eagles. The storylines are rife with drama. You’ve got Jared Goff and Carson Wentz going head to head for the first time with, no less, the inside track to a first round bye in the NFC playoffs at stake. The two leading NFL Coach of the Year candidates, Sean McVay and Doug Pederson, will be matching wits in a showdown of the league’s two highest scoring teams. No wonder why FOX opted to make it the nationally televised late afternoon game and move the Giants and Cowboys to the 1 p.m. slot for the first time since 2005.

There’s no doubt the home crowd will be buzzing with electricity and anticipation come Sunday afternoon, so it makes total sense for the execs at FOX Sports to move the pregame show just 12 miles east across I-10 from its studios to capture the authentic pregame feel outside of L.A. Memorial Coliseum. There’s just one small problem. Apparently, the show’s producers aren’t quite sure that anybody in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area actually gives a fuck about football, so, to nip this potential minor obstacle in the bud, they’ve turned to a casting call to ensure some people wearing Rams gear show up. Seriously.

Straight from the source:

“Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on Sunday, December 10th in Los Angeles, California.”

Personally, I would’ve gone with a more enticing copy. Something like:

Great news, die-hard Los Angeles Rams fans–the NFL on FOX is looking for YOU! Yes, that’s right. If you live within two hours of L.A. and kind of care about football, you can stop on by to be part of FOX NFL Sunday. Don’t know football? Fuck it, whatever, it doesn’t even matter. If you’re hot, didn’t get cast for that genital herpes commercial you were holding out for, and not busing tables at some overpriced restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard, then come hang with Curt, Howie, Michael, Jimmy, and Terry!

It’s true that raucous pregame shows like ESPN’s College Gameday have contrived elements, but it’s authenticity is fueled by early morning cheap beer and vodka, along with asshole college students making mean-spirited and sometimes hilariously insensitive signs. It’s fun and stands in stark contrast to FOX needing a casting call for a fucking pregame show to make it look like people care. My guess is there’s a genuine concern from producers that 1) Eagles fans are actually going to flood the surrounding lots prior to the game. 2) A lack of Rams fans will make for an awkward imbalance that undersells the importance of the game. Why do I think this? Because we checked the site for other FOX casting calls and this is the first time they have felt the need to do this.

Maybe Rams head coach Sean McVay is onto something.

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9 Responses

    1. “…….Apparently, the show’s producers aren’t quite sure that anybody in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area actually gives a fuck about football…”

      Sort of like Kyle Scott Laskowski not giving a fuck about getting his wife to pack illegally copyrighted shirts and mail them out, implicating her in a crime.

  1. NFL Sundays are huge in LA, just not for the home team. People from all over live there and there’s bars for just about every fan base. Also lots of 49ers and Raiders fans.

    1. Also, there’s better things to do there other than sit on your ass indoors watching football all day. We’re losers here.

  2. Where they are outside the stadium and the idiot producers hold up signs to get the fans to applaud and scream when the camera comes on the analysts sitting on chairs in the fenced in area. It’s so phony. They even do it at the Linc for the W I P pregame show with Glenn.

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