Here’s Carson Wentz Walking off and in a Brace

Carson Wentz might be done for the year with a torn ACL. Here’s more video of him hobbling off the field:

He’s still hobbling, but it doesn’t look like a severe limp. He has a towel around his neck and nobody appears to be in a good mood.

Zach Ertz, who didn’t play today, followed him off and put his hand on his back.

After the game, Wentz was seen with a brace on his left knee:

He was later carted off before hobbling off to the team bus:


5 Responses

  1. I’m so ducking depressed . Team and city are fucking cursed.

    I blame that big nose loud mouth loser Angelo for bringing his bad karma out to LA


    Eagles motto: Better luck next year. Look at it this way, you maggots have gone without a super bowl for so long, what’s one more year? We have 5 btw.

    We are getting Zeke back and will be the ones to flush you pieces of shit out of the playoffs while your boy Wentz sits in his knee brace and watches us cuckold you.

    Don’t all go jumping off a bridge at once….I want to enjoy this!

    1. Karma is a bitch eagles fans lol. The Angelo Cataldi curse lol lol lol . Kenny from the dirty 30 lol

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