RADIO WARS: 94 WIP Rides Eagles’ Hot Start Straight to the Top

WIP sits firmly on the iron throne

Looks like Entercom made the right decision to acquire CBS Radio.

94 WIP topped the ENTIRE Philadelphia market in November on the strength of the Eagles’ 9-1 start.

WIP finished with an 8 share, which I’m told is the highest in the station’s history. The previous record share was set just one month earlier, when the Eagles were also cruising through September and October.

Here are some of the highlights of the ratings period running from mid-October to mid-November, based on the coveted “men 25-54” demographic:


Angelo Cataldi, who just signed a new contract, nearly doubled Anthony Gargano and Bob Cooney.

WIP’s morning show was #2 in the market overall, trailing only Preston and Steve on WMMR.


Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie also enjoyed a solid win over Harry Mayes and Jason Myrtetus in the 10am to 2pm time slot. The gap was wider towards the beginning of the show, with WIP enjoying a stronger lead-in coming out of Cataldi’s program. However, the margins narrowed in the 1pm hour, with 97.5 picking up steam heading into Mike Missanelli territory. WIP’s numbers dropped off heading towards 2 p.m.

Joe and Jon were also #2 overall in the market’s M25-54 demo, behind 102.9 WMGK’s classic rock programming.


Mikey Miss was again victorious in the afternoon, though the margin was less than one share point. The combination of Ike Reese and Chris Carlin performed better than expected from 2 to 6, so we’ll see if that momentum continues after Carlin’s departure.

Jeff Blumenthal over at the Philadelphia Business Journal has more on the afternoon time slot:

The afternoon show still trails rival sports station 97.5 The Fanatic (WPEN-FM) stalwart Mike Missanelli. The Fanatic saw its PPM performance increase from 1.7 in August to 2.7 in November.

The ratings period does not reflect the change from afternoon drive co-host Chris Carlin, who last month returned to Entercom sister station WFAN in New York after less than a year at WIP. Jon Marks now teams with incumbent Ike Reese.

Nothing surprising there. Mikey Miss still runs afternoons, though WIP is making significant gains there.

It was a clean sweep on the weekends, though, with WIP placing first in all key male demographics. They obviously crushed anything else on the radio during Eagles’ broadcasts, and also benefited from a ratings period that included a Thursday night game (Carolina) and Monday night game (Washington) in consecutive weeks.

And that’s the key here– the Eagles’ radio rights and the strength of the Merrill Reese and Mike Quick partnership. It gives WIP the lopsided advantage over 97.5, which finished 15th overall with that 2.7 total share. WPEN is also in a transitional phase with the departure of longtime program director Matt Nahigian, who was replaced by former NJ 101.5 executive Eric Johnson.

But there are positives for the Fanatic, which has a younger trending audience. 97.5 performed well in the 25-44 age range and reportedly posted higher digital streaming numbers. WIP had significant success with men 50 years or older, finishing #1 in the M35-64 demographic in all three day parts, plus weekends. The station also finished #1 in the blanket M18+ demo.

That seems to be the trend, as has been from day one. The Fanatic has a good connection with a younger crowd, but WIP wins soundly on the strength of the Eagles and a slightly older demographic. WIP’s average TSL (time spent listening) number is about 15 minutes above the 97.5 average, which is another considerable metric.

This is, of course, all framed within an archaic ratings setup that still uses portable people meters, which is like wearing a pager that needs to be docked at night. I don’t know how many PPMs there are in Philly, but when I worked in television we had about 900 metered households in a market area of 2.8 million TV homes. That should tell you all you need to know about sample sizes.

The overall list shows steady gains for both stations on the strength of the Eagles’ success, though WIP increased from a 5.3 to 8.0 in four months, while 97.5 went from a 1.7 to 2.7.

Per Radio Online:


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    1. When does gargano’s contract run out?
      Missinelli is so misguided.
      He probably still thinks Kiera is still a virgin. Its to bad she got Mike face as part of that genetics deal.

    2. Can someone tell me their thought on Brian Haddad AKA Sludge? The dude is like 58 years old and still talks like he 20 posting pics of beer and how hammered he is getting. its kinda embarrassing. Has he ever seen a vagina?

      1. Is it worse than update boy Shander calling himself the best in radio on his Sunday morning show that 5 people listen to?

        1. Shander is fucking awful. The worst. His act on Twitter is equally shitty: “You’re calling me out? That means you must like me!!”

          1. The stations are terrible. An 8 share is the highest? Share of what? 8 people out of 100? The fucking cumes for these stations are at ALL TIME LOWS, and you’re discussing SHARES?
            I turn on these stations once a week, maybe. Anthony is atrocious. Cataldi ‘s show is old and dumb. Ritchie and Joe D is tolerable for a few minutes. Myrtetus is garbage and better than his partner. Mikey Miss is still pretty good SOME TIMES. Ike Reese is god awful and his side kick I heard last week sounds terrible. The stations are just terrible.

    3. God damn it, this site truly fucking sucks these days. The comments aren’t even funny anymore because everyone has been driven away due to the suckitude. Way to ruin a good thing, Kyle.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. The comments were the best part of this sucky website but the best commenters are gone. Does anyone know where they went?

  1. Hey kinker, i have a few questions…….
    1) who do you expect to be fired first Gargano or that tool CBWanker?
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  2. My bet is 97.5 flips format at some point this summer. Ride out the Sixers until they get bounced from the playoffs and them shut it down.

    1. They just repeat the same ads over and over during a break. It’s so bad on the Fanatic that the stream goes silent because no one has bought the ad space. Many people are forced to listen to the stream because the terrestrial signal is terrible. It is blasted by overlapping stations along the way to the shore areas.
      WIP has a much stronger signal on a clearer channel. Many of the people listening on the stream are out of town and don’t spend money locally. The stream is annoying. There are commercial triggers while the host is talking even through the terrestrial stream is not in break. The one that C B S uses is even worse.
      If you switch stations on your computer or phone using a listen app it reverts back to commercial that was being played and forces you to listen to it. Non-stop repetitive commercials promoting their TV shows. I would love to see the numbers of the actual streaming listeners.

  3. You mean the Meat Locker and Monday Film breakdown (ON RADIO!!) isn’t successful?

    1. I tried, i really tried to listen to Gargano’s meat locker schtick.
      Its just so hamfisted and over teh top i had to turn the station.
      I couldn’t take anymore of those mustard heads sucking each others c0cks.

  4. They need to just merge already. Cataldi keeps the morning slot – Harry joins Decamara at the mid (Jason goes back to producing) – Gargano joins Mikey Miss in the afternoon and whoever is left rounds out the rest of the night. Sprinkle in all of the ex-players that hang around – ike, westbrook, etc…

    1. Decamare is a fucking idiot.
      He should just jump off the platt bridge into the empty sewage field and end it all.

  5. What’s funny is for all the hate that WIP — and Angelo in particular — gets in these comment sections, there’s clearly a huge silent majority that are loyal listeners. Angelo doesn’t make all that money because he has no listeners… No question WIP benefits from an Eagles bump this season, but if I want local sports talk while I’m driving, WIP’s still my go-to (except for the Ike Reese gargling with rocks show) after all these years.

  6. The world is ending because of Trump and all you idiots can talk about is sports radio ratings. Shame on all of you.

    1. at least those creepy liberal lying gropers are getting burned out of their houses in Cali.
      Trump gets more Trim than Wilt Chamberlain got.

    2. Liberalism is a disease. I wasn’t even into politics like that until this new administration and they way MSM reported on him. Saw through the bullsh!t. The left is off their rocker

  7. Wow, so you’re telling me that Angelo’s audience is a bunch of older people and a lot of them aren’t likely commenting on fucking crossing broad? No way!!!!

  8. WIP offered me the morning slot but I turned it down. Not the right opportunity. So they settled for bring back Angelo.

    1. Best comment ever.

      Whats funny about Kayal is he actually thinks, after not being in radio for 3 years he is still a candidate to have his own show. Dude, let it go. You had a good gig, then you threw it all away just to be cool and trash Mike Miss while trying to impress Josh Innes. it not your knowledge that is holding you back, its the childish way you acted. Grow up and get a job at at the country station in Berks County you fraud.

      1. That’s the funniest part about what he did. For my money Kayal had the best all-around sports knowledge, especially with his big emphasis on college football which worked perfectly as a solo person at night. Unfortunately for him he wasn’t able to see that WIP was using him for a ratings grab and had no intent on ever hiring him. Philadelphia sports radio, and the Philadelphia media for that matter, is incredibly incestuous and when he went and trashed Mike he sealed his fate forever.

  9. These #s are a bit misleading. Garganos numbers have continued to climb whilst Cataldi’s have fallen off a bit. Our projections show Anthony surpassing Angelo by this time next year. I’m not trying to take anything away from Ang, he does a great job for the most part. But, I think its obvious that The Cuz’s show is a superior model for the future. There is always a lot of “hate” on here about Ant, I’m pretty sure most of that is coming from WIP employees.

    1. There is no superior model for sports talk.

      Anthony is a fake dbag. It’s just that simple. His act is weak and tired. His show stinks. Maybe if he wasn’t a cartoon character and was real, people could listen.

    2. Gargano has had PLENTY of time to pass Cataldi.
      and he can’t do it because of his over the top laughing and shit.
      No one wants to listen to that Yeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bullshit all the time.
      Maybe you can ask Gargano to give you a “strawberry shake” since your such a fanboy of his.

  10. 97.5 has no eye for talent- John Gonzalez had his own show and they got rid of him (and Vai, who is also the only level headed one when he is one with Ant), he is easily one of the most interesting writers at the Ringer and I’m sure a podcast of his own is not too far off. Instead it is the same old retreads.

  11. The best show on either station right now is actually Martinez and Mayes. They sound like they are actually having fun and in a little time they will beat Decamara and Ritchie. They don’t just beat the Eagles into your heads and are much more entertaining than just sports. They even had Eddie Alvarez on and talk about everything. Closest thing to Bruno and Mayes since Bruno and Mayes. Jason has been surprisingly better as a host than i would have through.

  12. So in other words, if it wasn’t for Eagles success, they’d more than likely would’ve taken a hit with their reshuffling in the afternoons, and the rest of their boring scheduling.
    I’m sorry, Cataldi’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard imo, so the cuz wins by default for me. I’ve listened since he started there and it’s grown on me.
    I usually have 975 streaming all day, every now and then I’ll flip to 941. 975>>>>>>>>>>941 imo

  13. High pitched, whiny. It’s not like he stays out of the picture like a producer he speaks quite a bit on the midday show.

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