RADIO WARS: Angelo Cataldi Is Not Retiring Yet

Angelo Cataldi won’t retire at the end of his contract, which was due to expire this month.

From CBS Philly:

Cataldi has renewed his contract with Entercom Communications — the No. 1 creator of live, original, local audio in the U.S. — to remain with SportsRadio 94WIP, the company announced on Wednesday.

Cataldi has anchored the 94WIP Morning Show, Philly’s most popular sports radio morning show, since 1990 and he will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  The show airs weekdays from 5:30-10:00 a.m. ET, on-air, online at and via the site and app. The show also features Al Morganti, Rhea Hughes, Keith Jones and Joe Conklin. Morganti and Jones have also recently renewed their contracts with 94WIP.

“I’m honored to remain at WIP. For almost three decades, this has been my only home on the radio, and I have a great debt of gratitude to everyone associated with the station,” said Angelo Cataldi. “This also keeps alive my dream of being at WIP when the Eagles win a Super Bowl. Go, Eagles. And go, WIP.”

“We’re proud to continue our relationship with Angelo Cataldi, who for decades has been the voice of Philadelphia sports fans,” said David Yadgaroff, Entercom Philadelphia’s Senior Vice President and Market Manager. “Throughout our city’s sports ups and downs, Angelo has stood beside millions of Philly fans and we’re so happy he’ll continue doing it on 94WIP, Philadelphia’s number one sports talk radio station.”

When Cataldi signed his last contract, which sources say pays him well over $1 million per year and is believed to include incentives bringing it to upwards of $1.9 million per year, some of his colleagues (not those associated with the morning show) believed that he signed the deal partly for sake of Al and Rhea. He is very loyal to them, and obviously they have stable, well-paying gigs for as long as the show goes on, which it seems it will for a few more years.

If we get any details on the contract, we’ll let you know. Cataldi is coming off a big month, almost doubling Anthony Gargano in the ratings in November among men 25-54, and second only to Preston and Steve, who just dominate. Not surprised that he’s staying, seeing as though there’s been little chatter about a potential replacement lately. It’s gonna be tough for the 97.5 morning show to gain any traction with Cataldi sticking around. STILL GOING:


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  1. How does Geoff Mosher have a job? He makes roughly 4-5 mistakes in his opening monologue on his show.

    Also, Angelo is garbage.

    1. Your old lady’s pooty is garbage too, but you listen to it every days now don’t your lil’ man?

    2. Mosher has insider knowledge. He’s ok. I rather listen to a midday show podcast though

  2. I hate how both of our sport morning shows are complete parody’s and shticks of hacky morning shows.

    I kind of give Angelo a pass because he’s a seasoned Vet and knows exactly what he’s doing in terms of sparking shitty conversation based off shit hot takes. He’s essentially grandfathered in as the king Morning Hack and I really don’t hate him for it, the approach and methodology has made him successful.

    While I hate both shows, the CUZ really fucking sucks. He’s a clown, the stereotypical italian jake jovial garbage he spews out is beyond cringe worthy. His shouting of “Carson” and just overall hackiness can’t stand one minute of my time. The worst part is at prime morning drive-time time of 8am they cut to so some stupid fucking bit of awful callers calling and bitching and moaning with wacky music in the background while their competitor at 94WIP normally lines up a dynamite guest/analyst/coach at that time. Fuck both shows, but fuck 97.5 way more

    I’m not sure why I wrote such a long post I’m a pathetic shell of a man please mock me.

    1. The problem with Gargano is that he gets so angry.. Who wants to listen to an angry person before 8am.

  3. Anything on nobody attending your sword fight, nerd festival of a Christmas party at Bourbon Blue?

    Haven’t heard you mention or brag about what a succcess the event was.

    Little birdie told me ticket sales were non-existent.

  4. The Philadelphia Overwatch team is off to a great start…

    Thanks for not making me look like a fool!

    1. I agree. ESPORTS builds real life skills!
      just like ‘working’ at crossing broad does…………………..

  5. …details from other outlets who are working actual sources.

  6. Knew he wouldn’t retire … knew it… only hope is cuz isn’t resigned and they sign bruno which I doubt happens… I can’t stand cuz but if I need sports in the morn I go there.. even when I loved wip lineup I never cared for the morning show.. it is just not funny to me at all… they act like Conklin is so funny.. I don’t think he is at all.. rhea very unlikeable… Keith Jones can be funny but usually I skip morns on both stations . Not that anyone cares about my listening habits.

  7. Oh man bo dis isn’t good for my bad ratings bo

    I taught Angelo was gonna retire bo but now ohhhhh man

  8. Why would he leave when he can just roll into WIP studios, barely try, and obliterate that buffoon on 97.5. How is that morning show still in existence? They clearly can’t make up any ground even with their revolving door of co hosts. Perhaps the new PD should look at the one guy who’s been there all this time and his history of getting crushed and backstabbing his co hosts. I lost all interest when Marks left. He’s already turning on Cooney by constantly having Vai and Baldinger in every day. And to the poster above, their B and C line is the most cringe worthy segment in radio. Grown men singing about athletes is pathetic. I don’t really like Cataldi because of his over the top shtick. But at least he gets actual Eagles players and personnel on his show. And lets face it, as long as they have the Eagles rights, which will be forever, the fake “Philadelphia’s football station” will continue to lose.

  9. I listen to Clay Travis in the AM. Flame me all you want, but I get my local fill the rest of the day.

  10. May want to reset your moderations.

    WIP and more importantly Angelo will never lose to 97.5 as long as they have the Eagles rights which is until 2024. 97.5 needs to abandon their “Philly’s football station” BS and embrace all the teams to get a larger audience

    1. Referring to that handle. It’s such a hit or miss with the comments, even with no curse words, with the waiting for approval. It definitely has affected my experience with the site

  11. Kyle, in your opinin will this force 97.5’s hand in replacing Gargano? They only reason i could think of why they have kept the cuz is that they were waiting out WIP to have to install someone without Cataldi’s following. Thoughts?

  12. I had a feeling Angelo wasn’t go to retire though you would have thought with all his health issues he was ready to hang it up.

    1. Eh, all he does is sit on his ass and talk.. He’d do that if he were retired. It’s not like his job is physically exhausting in any way.

      1. Exactly and people his age go to bed at 8 and wake up at 4 anyways. Might as well just keep doing it since he’s getting no competition from 97.5 He can keep doing the same crap throughout the sports year.

  13. I am laughing as he stated this fits into his plans of being with Philadelphia sports until the Eagles win a Super Bowl. Well unless he plans to live until he is 105 and they still don’t have the trophy this will not work out. He can have on his stone, Did Not Quite Make It.”

    1. I’m getting older too, and I’m hoping for the exact same thing, that the Eagles win a Super Bowl before I go (or are too drugged up to know whether they won or not), so F’U

  14. Kyle, serious question… If Angelo makes $1 million per year how much do you think Preston & Steve make considering they practically own the morning dial in the tri-state area?

    1. Less. Angelo’s contract is longer and has been building. Plus, sports pays more. But it’s probably close.

      The sports shows on these stations are just pure crap.

  15. I’ve tried listening to Cataldi on numerous occasions, but his voice is absolutely insufferable. Two minutes and I wanna drive my car into a tree.

  16. Hah hah

    Kyle deleted my comment.

    Nice to know I can get under his skin.

    His weakness is disgusting

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