The Eagles are Still NFC Favorites for the Super Bowl

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles “exposed?”

A “must win” game?

Panic “setting in?”

Seems like we’ve run the gamut of emotional responses to Sunday night’s loss in Seattle, but Vegas isn’t worried about the Eagles’ postseason chances.

At, the Birds are the Super Bowl favorites coming out of the NFC:

Fans in Philadelphia might be worried but there is no reason to fret about the Eagles. Carson Wentz & Co. are still 10-2, they are just one win away from capturing the NFC East title and are locks to make the playoffs.

Plus, despite trailing Minnesota for the 1-seed in the NFC, thanks to a tiebreaker based on best winning percentage in common games, Philadelphia (43.2%) is the most likely team to get home field advantage in the conference according to our simulations.  The Eagles (tied first in scoring and 6th in points per game allowed) have a 31.9% (best in NFC) chance to make the Super Bowl and a 17.4% chance to win the title (2nd to Patriots, 25.1%).

Bet lab ran 10,000 projections with strength of schedule adjustments and this is how the odds come out:

That’s reassuring.

Of course there’s the human element to consider, so let’s hope that holds up.

If the Birds take care of the Rams in LA this weekend, we’re looking at 11-2 and two of the last three at home. Those are good odds.


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  1. I’m thinking of buying joe younis plays Sunday . Hopefully he’s as good as people say

    1. Never take betting advice from an Arab. Never. Plus , that smelly fat ass has been wrong about every game this year. Go check out White Christian American Locks. He’s a winner.

    2. Eddie Roman, Jimmy ‘Tags’ Taglimenti and Paul Nolan are the best in th business.

      1. In all seriousness I know Joe. Grew up in Whitehall PA, went to Dieruff HS with him. The guy is the pure definition of a mush. Kid always loses every bet. He’s a good guy though. He is Syrian but not Muslim.

  2. Did we ever get verification of the alleged HJ that Kyle’s chick gave to Jim Adair?

  3. Hey Kyle, can I help you pack T-shirts again? I need some holiday cash. Liberal Ballers pays even less than you did.

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