Your Thursday Morning Roundup

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Looks like we finally have that Markelle Fultz update. Well, unofficially.

Nothing from the Sixers yet, but reportedly Fultz is ramping things up:

Fultz posted on Instagram before Christmas, hinting that some news may be dropping, and this appears to be it, a bit more training and traveling with the team. Seeing him in game action is something else entirely.

The Sixers kick off another west coast swing tonight against the Portland Trail Blazers. Tip is at 10:30 p.m.

Twitter was was also where Ben Simmons’s sister came to her brother’s defense:

She seemed to be pissed off about this NBC Sports Philadelphia article.

On a more positive Sixers note, the team released its new city alternate jersey yesterday and it received rave reviews. Take a look:

The Eagles made a small roster move yesterday.

Also, Lane Johnson gave the media the cold shoulder:

In case you missed it, check out Kevin Kinkead’s takeaways from Monday’s win.

Kyle posed the question after that ugly win, “how are we supposed to feel?” –

So how are we supposed to feel? Never in the history of the NFL – willing to state this as fact – have their been worse games to clinch the division and homefield advantage. Seeing booth shots of Carson Wentz last night, followed by impressive stats of his MVP-worthy campaign, just drove home the point that we may well be fucked.

DeSean Jackson is allegedly still running in the same circles with the same bad people:

Police in Tampa, Fla., are conducting an investigation after a vehicle registered to Buccaneers wide receiver DeSean Jackson was involved in a single-car accident Sunday night and a search of the car turned up marijuana and hollow-point bullets, according to a police write-up obtained by

Officers responded to the scene of the crash on West Shore Blvd. and found an abandoned Chevy Silverado, which appeared to have left the roadway and struck a tree, according to the report. The driver fled the scene, according to police, and officers learned the vehicle was registered to Jackson. In the car, police found 6.3 grams of marijuana and also found two .38 caliber hollow-point bullets, which are legal in Florida. Possession in Florida of less than 20 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor. The vehicle was impounded.

The Flyers are back in action tonight at 7:30pm in Carolina. The team is 15-13-8.

Former Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer is on the HOF ballot for the first time this upcoming vote, but according to Sports Illustrated, he won’t be there for the next vote.

A Diamondbacks prospect paid off his parent’s mortgage for Christmas:

Two players on the Grizz G-League team were falsely accused of theft on a plane:

American Airlines has apologized to two players on the Memphis Grizzlies’ minor league affiliate who were kicked off a plane in Dallas after a flight attendant wrongfully accused them of stealing blankets, which an assistant coach suggested happened because they are black.

Airline spokesman Joshua Freed said Tuesday that Memphis Hustle guard Marquis Teague and forward Trahson Burrell boarded the Sunday flight from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The flight was operated by Envoy Air.

Two first-class passengers gave the players their blankets as they headed to their seats in coach. But a flight attendant, who is also black, accused them of theft and the players were asked to leave the plane following an argument.

In the news…

Disneyland lost power briefly yesterday.

Erie got even more snow.

Poll: Presidents Obama and Trump are the most admired people.

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11 Responses

  1. The Eagles are headed into the post season sounding like a bunch of whiney babies. After what Lane has done in the past, he should be happy to still be in the NFL. Grow the f up.

    1. Probably because every fan is whining even more still about Wentz getting hurt. Get Over It. They still won 2 games and are at worst going to finish 13-3. Does it mean a Super Bowl? No. But if Wentz was healthy, that wouldn’t guarantee a SB either. Just take it game by game. If I were a player and all I heard was negativity from the fan base and media despite a 13-2 record, I’d be annoyed too.

    1. Or Cataldi who is a true NY’er, here only to exploit the least intelligent of Philadelphia for his own financial (ie +$1m per annum) profit. Carpetbaggers, both of them

  2. Dear nonbelievers like the cuz-

    I was looking for the faithful fans today. I didn’t find that many. Damn shame to be honest with you. And so, first of all, I want to apologize to the Eagles players and coaches. Thank you for all you have done for the team, the fans and the city all season.

    Now… Lotta you fans got on the band wagon late as it is this year. Late jumping
    on. Way late like 10 and 12 weeks in. Now you have the nerve to be jumping off the band wagon early?

    All I’ve been hearing around here today is whining, moaning, nagging and criticizing all day. Ankles, calf bones, knee joints, thigh bones and hips all getting broken left, right and center from you guys who can’t jump off the band wagon fast enough today.

    Lotta you guys were wrong from the beginning – low expectations, bad talent
    estimations, disrespectful win projections. You questioned everybody’s abilities and skills on the team. Players and Coaches included.

    1. Great stuff there. You must be proud to follow blindly. You should post more often because I care about your opinions. Now I really believe, thanks.

  3. No pods this week? Must be too busy day drinking with your feet up on your wife’s back as she packs the illegal copyright infringement gear for all the losers who bought them.

    1. I think maybe Mrs Kyle Scott Laskowski is getting a bent spine from leaning over that
      shitty fold out picnic table the ‘webmaster kyle’ set up for her to slave away on that shitty laptop.
      All i know is that If my pops caught me treating a women like that, he’d pound the living shit
      out of me.
      Its a shame the poor woman has to slave away packing those shitty low quality shirts in order to
      pay for that shitty ‘little man’ A4 Kyle drives around.
      Kyle, do you make her put tire black on to ‘improve your image’ and clean dog shit out of the treads
      3 times a week?
      Did she clean out the 2nd story gutters this week like you wanted?

  4. Oh great, more articles written by schlub sports fan taken off the street.
    Your doing a fine job Tyler Drumstick.
    Keep it up.
    You be able to get off mop duty and rise up to Fry Boy in no time.
    Pretty soon you’ll be a cashier and then you can pack illegal tshirts
    for your ‘boss’ Kyle Scott Laskowski.

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