Broad Street Hotels Are Already Preparing For a Possible Parade with Special Room Rates

One of the best things about working at Crossing Broad is the benefits package. Six weeks of paid vacation, paternity leave, and the team-building retreat in the Seychelles.

Kyle also went ahead and booked a hotel room for all of us to set up shop at the Ritz-Carlton on Broad Street February 5-7, just in the case Eagles.. you know.. well, I don’t wanna jinx it.

But if you think they might get the job done on February 4, you’ll want a seat to the parade, and you better do it now because there’s not a lot of room/rooms left.

The Ritz still has a few. They don’t specifically list a Broad street view, but you can call and request one– Kyle did, in an hour-long phone call haggling over location. But there’s a 30-day cancellation period, which was odd to the rep on the phone before they realized the first full week of February was now considered a “special event.” If you cancel, you’ll be charged one night regardless.

The Bellevue is apparently booked up.

And the Hilton DoubleTree, I’m told, has some rooms left for $344 – more expensive than a standard room – advertised as “parade view” on floors 6-9, which it looks like will face diagonally up Broad and provide a great view. They also have a cancellation fee, so you’re locked in for at least $344 if you book.

All of that information is accurate AS OF PUBLICATION, so get on it now if you want a room with a view.

Something like this:


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6 Responses

  1. Wonder when possible parade would be . HAve to request off from work . Going he so hungover thst next day baby

  2. I hope nobody feels the need to curse like Chase Utley did! That was a real disappointment when kids were present

  3. Parade is Tues. I have it from two sources that work for Eagles. I booked the courtyard by city hall… Not on broad but close enough. I did Monday night bc getting into city parade day from burbs will be impossible

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