Bud Light Sends Out a Special Message To Eagles Fans

Bud Light had a smashing hit with their “Dilly Dilly” commercials this season. You’ll start to see the second installment of their series this weekend. The “Ye Old Pep Talk” is a precursor to their Super Bowl ad that will be released in two weeks, and hopefully the Eagles will be playing for a championship as well.

But there’s also a Philadelphia-specific message from the King himself. He’s surprised to see the team make it this far with injuries, and he admits he was wrong, even though he’s never wrong.

“Philly Philly!”

H/T to reader Scott


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  1. Don’t wear the masks during the game, it’ll muffle the sound, we need the Lincoln rockin like last wk

  2. Love this! I think it’s hilarious. I’ve been sending to all of my friends across the US. FLY EAGLES FLY! Philly Philly!
    Jennifer in Honolulu (forever an Eagles fan)

  3. Not to be a downer or anything but that Skol chant is pretty intimidating. I’m hearing there will be a huge number of Vikes fans here Sunday. I guess they are pretty intense.

    1. Wow , I’m really afraid! The Skol chant, oh no, what will we do. Have you been to an Eagles game in the last 50 years? You don’t wear other team’ s colors to an Eagles game!

  4. Any of those horn helmet wearing Vike’s fans come near me I will stick those horns up their ass on live TV

      1. The one playoff win this season is 1 less than the cowboys had the past 20 years, and other than a decent rb, the cowboys organization has no present or future. Not that posting on an eagles blog isn’t already a depressing low for a scumbag cowboys fan. If you’re not already on suicide watch, you will be tomorrow night when the eagles punch their ticket to Minnesota.

  5. Those dilly, dilly commercials are stupid and the beer tastes like bull piss, but that was pretty cool – they showed Philly some love.

    1. Keesha thanks for clarifying that 26 to 12 was going to be the score in the second part of your sentence because I wasn’t so sure that’s what you meant when you said Eagles going to win 26 to 12 in the first part of your sentence you foaming at the mouth baboon.

  6. I kind of like the Dilly commercials. Most football season beer campaigns are funny the first time you see them but then you want to throw your TV out the window by Week 1 halftime so you have to keep muting and and unmuting. The king commercials were never funny in the first place so I can leave them on without noticing them.

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