Eagles-Falcons Divisional Playoff Live Thread

photo credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It’s finally here. The long-awaited divisional playoff game is upon us. Eagles vs. Falcons with the winner advancing to the NFC Championship next weekend.

Check out our CB staff predictions for the showdown. Do you have some money on the game, the line has been weird all week, but moved a bit today.

Follow along for today’s games here and in the comments below as the birds play in their first playoff game since 2014.


3…2…1….WINNERS! The Eagles held on for the 15-10 win over the Atlanta Falcons to advance to the NFC Championship! Nick Foles was 23-30 for 246 yards. The Eagles tried to find ways to lose, but managed to pull it out with the great defense.


It’s lit:

54 seconds away from THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!!!!!


And on 4th and goal the Eagles MAKE THE STOP:


This is good. The Eagles are in the lead 15-10:


The Eagles drove down the field, but stalled and settled for a Jake Elliot field goal. End of the third quarter…Eagled lead 12-10. Buckle up.


The teams exchanged punts to start the second half. In other news…this is an interesting nugget about having one second left on the clock in the first half:


The halftime entertainment dog was on point tonight:


IT’S GOOD! With 1 second left in the first half, Jake Elliot drilled a a 53-yard field goal to make it 10-9 Falcons. At the break, Matt Ryan is 12-17, 116 yards and 1 TD. Nick Foles is 11-15 for 101 yard. Other first half stats.


The Falcons take advantage of the turnover and punch it in for a touchdown on a great scramble and throw by Matt Ryan on 3rd and goal. Atlanta back on top, 10-6. Midway through the 2nd quarter.


The Eagles forced a punt and then wrong place, wrong time:

Falcons ball.


TOUCHDOWN!!! The Eagles go for it on fourth down after a wild series at the goal line…Jake Elliot MISSES the PAT. Eagles lead 6-3. Emotional roller coaster and only middle of the 2nd quarter.




End of the 1st quarter: Falcons 3, Eagles 0. BUT the Eagles are driving, on the Jay Train, who is holding on to the ball…for now.


Joel Embiid is in the building:


The ensuing drive the Eagles drove into Falcons’ territory, potentially into field goal range, and then Nick Foles showed up:



The Falcons take the fumble and drive into the red zone, but the Eagles hold them to a field goal. Atlanta up 3-0 early in the first quarter.


Nothing is going right:


Eagles get ball to start, big pass interference on the first play and then this:


The Eagles will get the ball to start the game:


🚨🚨 Carson Wentz is down to just one crutch:


The inactives today for the Eagles:

and the Falcons:

Carson Wentz checked in:

This doesn’t bode well for the birds:

The Jay Train had some trouble getting to the Linc.

Fletcher Cox and Nick Foles are also captains today.

It’s go time:


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27 Responses

  1. Does anyone know who HOF member Ray Didinger picked?
    I trust him for his vast football knowledge and Hall of Fame credentials.

  2. 3 fumbles and a missed PAT…so far.

    LOL. Love the dejected faces in the stands who shelled out hundreds of dollars to go to this game.

    1. Eagles are so lucky…..sure Int leads to FG……I want to shove a windmill up Jeffy’s butt. Feel sorry watching his hot young Asian wife…she is thinking when will this rich ugly joooooo gonna drop dead ?

  3. Eskin almost guaranteed an Eagles win on the air this morning. He will no doubt blame the refs when the Eagles lose. The offense has lost it mojo. Minnesota vs New England in Superbowl

  4. Nick Foles didn’t crack, was cool and calm and won the football game!! RPO was HUGE tonight.

    1. Cool.. Are we back to putting Foles in Canton? Or are we waiting until he throws another pick so we can call WIP and say they need to put Sudfeld in?

  5. Cowboy Dave can eat a dick. First it’s, they losing, now it’s , look at them celebratin….lol fuq outta here

    1. Cool story. Last I checked, Eagles are the only team in the division who have never won a Super Bowl.

      Eagles fans = professional victims.

  6. Last I checked the cowboys have 2 playoff wins in 2 decades. Living in the past is loser mentality, when’s the next time your team is even gonna make the playoffs? No franchise qb, horrible coach, the owner is the gm and is pushing 90 years old. Keep holding on to the past because the cowboys suck now and have no future. The only thing lower than a cowboys fan bringing up Superbowls is one that does it on an Philly sports blog. Must be some lonely life you lead that you hate the eagles so much that you comment on an eagles blog. You must be on suic!de watch today after posting comments all day and then the eagles actually winning. My suggestion hang yourself in an an emmit Smith jersey to represent the post 22 years that the cowboys choked away.

    1. Living in the past is loser mentality?

      No city lives in the past more then Philly. You see the broadcast talking about the great Broad Street Bullies yesterday? Haahahaha. Talk about living in the past.

      1. Cowboy David,
        We’re fans, so like you, none of us have any ‘rings’, ya douche. But, we have the great joy and excitement of having our team in next week’s conference championship game. The journey’s the thing, my brother. Wouldn’t you love it if your beloved star-helmeted stiffs were preparing to play next Sunday. They’re not!!!!

  7. I think we may lose the NFC Championship game but this win brought me back to 2004-05…then I realized I’ve been alive for 4 Eagles NFC title games…and I’m goin’ to this one no matter how much I gotta pay for a ticket. What a Feeling!

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