Eagles Fan Nails It with Song on His Guitar

Heading into the NFC Championship, all I could think about is how great it would be to have the Eagles in the Super Bowl. After all, it’s only happened twice in the past 37 years.

Now that Super Bowl week is here, though, I realized that I forgot just how exciting the lead-up to the game actually is. The city just has a different energy to it. Everyone has a pep in their step that you usually only see right before the holidays or just before they go on vacation.

Much of this is driven by pure excitement, but part of it is also fueled by the creative energy of others. It could range from the professionally done hype videos that the Eagles have been putting out over the past few weeks to this one from local musician, Colin Wilk:


Good job here hitting on everything from the ever popular Bud Light commercial to Doug Pederson’s balls. The game itself is what we are all waiting for, but it’s stuff like this that makes these two weeks so fun.


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