Eagles Pole Fan Got Special Treatment at Work

From my friend Greg:

My buddy works with the pole fan. He got that sign for his chair and Eagles branded bubble wrap at work.

I’m just gonna point out the obvious here: that bubble wrap will do little good if it’s not covering his FACE.

What a week this guy has had. What a good sport, too. A lot of people would’ve gone underground on this, taken a week of work, and changed their name lest they receive interview requests for all of time a few days and be forever known as “guy who ran into pole.” But not Jigar Desai. Living it up, owning it, and presumably avoiding poles. I respect the hell out of this guy.

You know, if they win… he’s going to have to do it again. It’s his thing now.


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    Something must be done about it.

    Unfair for all POCs

    Just like a Flyers crowd

  2. When “The Cuz” flies out to Minnesota for the game, is he going to need a first class seat or 2 coach seats? I’m thinking he’s too fat to fly normally in coach. This could get very expensive for 97.5.

    1. In MN ‘Primo’ refers to hookers less than 5ft tall and weighing more than 225 lbs.

  3. Very surprising. I like that broad’s ankle in the short green boots. Go birds!!!

    1. That ankle belongs to a tranny.
      But if that’s what your into, who am i to stand in your way.

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