Early Action Has Line Trending Towards Eagles In Some Vegas Sportsbooks

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We have LINE MOVEMENT! After the Eagles opened as a six-point underdog in most Las Vegas sportsbooks late Sunday night, early action has the line currently trending in their direction ahead of next Sunday’s showdown with the Patriots:

A bettor on Wednesday placed a multimillion-dollar bet on the Philadelphia Eagles at an MGM sportsbook, according to vice president of race and sports Jay Rood. Rood would not reveal many of the details, including the exact amount and whether the bet was a money-line or straight bet on the point spread. The Super Bowl line, however, did drop from Patriots -5.5 to -4.5 around 5 p.m. at MGM sportsbooks.

It’s still way too early to draw any meaningful conclusions about the line shift. Given the pure volume of bets and amount of money that will be wagered between now and Super Bowl Sunday, some turbulence should be anticipated. Still, some may be surprised to learn that substantial early money is coming in on the Eagles, but this aligns with the relatively favorable prognosis regarding their chances delivered by some experts this week.

The Action Network writes about how the last time New England was getting such little betting support was Super Bowl 42, against the Giants:

That was also the only Super Bowl involving the Patriots in our database (beginning with Super Bowl 38) in which New England received as little public support as they are getting right now. [Roughly 57% of the bets are on the Eagles to cover the spread.]

Though there is still plenty of time for bettors to hop on New England, the public is fading the Patriots in the early going. This is just the opposite from last season, in which the Patriots received 62% of spread bets—the second highest that we’ve tracked for the Pats in the Super Bowl. Interestingly enough, in the six Super Bowls on file, they’ve covered both times in which they received more than 60% of bets while not covering the remaining four.

I think many are starting to notice the Eagles sort of have this Michael Myers/Halloween thing going on. Every time you think they’re dead, they keep getting back up, only with increasing anger, and, somehow, more effectiveness. Darren Sproles? Bang-shot in the leg. Jason Peters and Jordan Hicks? Bang and bang—two in the chest. Carson Wentz? The body is now sans head. No matter. They’re still coming and they’re scary.

Personally, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to bet this game. Is it smart to run the risk of aligning money with the heart? I’m not sure I can handle a simultaneous crushing blow to my soul and the little remaining in my bare bank account. What about betting against the Eagles? Is there any amount of money that could offset the sting of losing to this fucking team again? A few hundred bucks wouldn’t do it for me. I think I’ll just place some thoroughly researched and calculated prop bets that will inevitably fail as I watch some idiot across the room hit on their $25 block pool after the first quarter ends in a 3-2 score.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

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14 Responses

    1. Was he wearing one of those Fake Dog Shirts (where the money goes in his pocket and not to charity like Lane Johnson’s
      version and the NFL’s version) that he has been making and selling?

  1. The proposition bets for the two teams says a lot about how classless Philly fans are:

    Patriots Prop Pets
    – Odds on Tom Brady breaking the record for most TDs in a Super Bowl
    – Odds on what color hoodie Bilichick wears
    – Odds on whether Brady or Billichick retire after the game

    Eagles prop bets:
    – Over / under on how many Eagles fans get arrested before the game
    – Odds on an Eagles fan pelting the field with debris
    – Odds on an Eagles fan interrupting the game by rushing onto the field

    No wonder the Eagles have never won anything and Philly is widely regarded as having the dumbest, most violent sports fans in the country.

    1. Vegas set the line on how many inches I can take in my throat and ass at 10 inches. Trust me, take the over. I’ve been practicing because I have nothing better to do with my miserable life besides make up prop bets and post on eagles blogs. Wish my team could make it to the Superbowl but they’ve been non existent for 20 years and will be for at least the next 20 seasons. I wish my dad didn’t leave my mom when she was pregnant with me, my daddy issues cause me to be so lonely and desperate for attention. Will someone ever love me?

      1. The prop bets aren’t made up. They’re from an article in the NY Daily News. Not that I expect you to be able to read….And trying to make fun of something by calling them gay? What is this, 1992? What’s next? Call me black? Then again, I’d expect nothing less from an Eagles fan. Don’t you have a battery to throw at someone? Don’t get any mud on your Flyers logo calf tattoo.

        As for wishing my boys were in the Super Bowl: we have 5 rings asshole. I’m sure you can’t count that high but it’s a lot more then what the Eagles have.

        1. I’ve always been a “chugger” and “Gum Jobber” since the cowboy scabs crossed
          the pitcket line, and I’ve given freebies out in the preseason for at least 2 decades.
          I don’t leave a mess either because i take my dentures out and give the guy a smoother ride.
          No Mess, No Snot, No Slobber

        2. Did your miserable team beat Vince Lombardi in the NFL Championship?
          No? thats what i thought.

          Cowboy Dave is nothing more than a front runner.

        3. The eagles won 3 championships forever ago too, who gives a shit? The Phillies won in 08, that does nothing for me today. So keep beating off to winning 5 rings last century, what has your team done recently? Nothing. If your content with supporting a loser franchise because they won something decades ago, good for you bro. If you weren’t jealous of the eagle’s success you wouldn’t be commenting here like a loser bitch.

  2. there are those who will bet big on the line at what they feel is it’s highest point, hope for it to come down a few points, and then bet the other side in the hopes to middle the spread. Early betting doesn’t matter. The real money will come in on the day of the game

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