I Am All In on Kevin Harlan’s Call of Torrey Smith’s Touchdown

I’ve never been a huge Kevin Harlan guy– always thought of him as sort of a poor man’s Marv Albert. But there he is, calling basically every big sporting event, be it on TV or for Westwood One.

He nailed this call on Torrey Smith’s touchdown last night:

I really need to go back and watch this game again. I was unable to comprehend things yesterday. My circuits didn’t have logic to interpret what I was seeing. Like I had a sports-induced brown out– I can remember things if you remind me, but my recall of specific events is non-existent.


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  1. Son, your mom and I put you through Malvern and then Villanova. And I’ll you have to show for it is an online T shirt store, a home near Quakertown and an entry level European import largely driven by women.

    You are a disappointment to us, Kyle. In other news, summer rentals are brisk!

  2. Broadcast with a lot enthusiasm. World’s best sleeping pill is the team of Breen and Van Gundy. They spend the entire time talking about everything except the game their doing. Kevin actually calls the game be it football or basketball.

  3. Imagine the itch Don T0llie has right now to come out of retirement and run a Super Bowl package trip . Easy $$$

  4. So much better than Marble Mouth Merrill Reese getting names wrong, forgetting to explain down and distance.

    He takes the wheel, of his automobile and heads on down to, Ideal

    1. THANK YOU. Somebody said it. Merrill is freakin terrible. Still hasn’t mentioned where the farking ball was caught, but got four plugs in FOR THE ACHIEVER IN YOU….

        1. When you say ‘tons’, I am assuming ‘quantity’ and not ‘weight’.
          With midwesterns, you never know.
          I look forward to knocking heads at the vikings ‘rally’ at the stadium.
          All i ask is that the fluff up my pillow and keep my room stocked with towels and top shelf.

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