I Can’t Wait For The Patriots To Lose

OH MY GOD INJECT PATRIOTS SNAFUS INTO MY EYE HOLES. Let me put them in like they’re contacts, so I see a world where their smugness is on display for all.

The Patriots opened as nine-point favorites over the Jaguars, who possess the best defense in football. That line has come down to 7.5 in most books. And it was briefly taken off the board completely at Bookmarker.eu due to concerns over Tom Brady’s hand injury.

From The Action Network:

Not only were game lines OTB, but Bookmaker.eu took down Super Bowl Futures, as well.

As of 10:15 a.m. ET, Bookmaker re-opened the Patriots at -7 with an over/under of 46. Super Bowl Futures, however, remain off the board.

Oh that’s fun.

Even better is Bill Belichick talking about it at his press conference today:

This is amazing. Extra disdain for questions with actual merit… except for the second guy’s, who sounded like there’s now actual shit in his pants.

I’ve spent the better part of a week trying to decide what would be better– Case Keenum going out of the game and Sam Bradford coming in to lose the NFC Championship in Philly, or Brady getting hurt and the Patriots being forced to use Brian Hoyer because their own hubris forced them to trade Jimmy Garoppolo, thus ending their last season of contendership. I’m thinking the latter, but really, it’s close.

Please let this all come back and bite them. Please. If there is any justice in this world, the Patriots will go down in flames and find some way to make an excuse for it.

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4 Responses

  1. Brady needs to use Master Hand from Super Smash Brothers or he doesn’t have a chance against those Jags!

  2. Bill Belichick paid a NE player to run into Tom Brady’s hand and injure him to prove that Brady’s health guru wasn’t as good as Brady thought.

    Brady is a game time decision and if he plays poorly, Belichick will be able to point to not having Garoppolo on the bench to replace an injured Brady as the reason for them not reaching the Superbowl. This will cause a backlash against Brady/Kraft for getting Garoppolo ousted to SF, and allow Belichick carte blanche on personnel decisions going forward. Also, this will make Brady/Kraft the villains and Belichick the hero in NE, solidifying Belichick’s status as the main driving factor in the 5 SBs, not Brady.

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