Today marks Doug Pederson’s 50th birthday and the Eagles social media team gave us all a gift to mark the occasion.

Something tells me that with a win on Sunday night ice cream sales are going to EXPLODE in this city.

With all due respect to my own father, who is great and all, I kind of wish Doug were my dad. We would go to the shore in the summertime, play mini golf and he could treat me to some ice cream. Afterward, he would put his arm around me, talk about my blogs and give me the best noogies. I’d feel warm inside.

It seems like every day we find out something new about Pederson that further endears him to this fan base. I’ve previously written a formal apology expressing my newfound appreciation of him, but I continue to be amazed at how wrong I was—how wrong most of us were—when he was hired. And so, given that it is his special day, now seems like the perfect opportunity to say this: I’m in love with Doug Pederson and I don’t care who knows it.