“Is He Really Going?” – Zach Ertz’s Wife Loses it After Hearing Super Bowl News

You probably know that Zach Ertz’s wife Julie plays for the United States national soccer team.

She didn’t get to watch the Birds on Sunday night because the U.S. women were playing at the exact same time as the NFC Championship Game.

But as she walked off the field, she was given the news:

Ertz scored a goal in the game, so go figure. She’s nasty. She’s a hell of a player.

And she spoke about Zach afterward:


We now have video of Zach watching his wife’s reaction:


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  1. The lesbo, strap-on s e x Zach Ertz’ wife will having with her butch, granny-panties wearing carpet-munching teammates will fail in comparison to her husband, potentially winning a Super Bowl.

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