It’s Time To Get Serious

It’s game week, baby! GAME WEEK!

The Eagles are en route to a city that hates us to play in a game that almost nobody thought would include them. A game to wipe away the pain of Ronde Barber running back a Donovan McNabb interception with our stolen dreams and broken hearts in his hands. A game that erases the memory of falling 52 yards short in St. Louis, Ricky Manning Jr., and a late Tim Hightower touchdown that foiled a miraculous comeback bid in the Arizona desert. A REVENGE GAME. A game to exorcise the demons of February 6, 2005, a day tainted with missed opportunities and the most brutal and infuriating display of big-game clock management seen before or since. A game to make Philadelphia a city of champions once again.

At kickoff, 20,859 days will have come and gone since the Eagles were last champions of professional football. It’s been long enough. No more days. No more waiting. No more torturous heartache. No more arguments with a Cowboys, Giants, or Redskins fan that end with, “But how many rings you got?” No more.

It’s time to strap in and buckle up. It’s all systems go from now until the final whistle blows and the confetti drops next Sunday night. Welcome to my life for the next seven days.


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    1. Heard that the Cuz is there too. Got a baller suite and is guna get mad pussy with his huge dick.

      1. The only s e x that morbidly obese pig Gargano will be having in Minneapolis, will be with his 5 pork stained fingers.

  1. BWanks is puzzling to me. Guys got a look to him that makes me think he’s small, but sometimes those guys can be pretty big.

    1. Who BWanks???? That guys a fuckin mess. Total alcoholic. Divorced. Can’t see his kids. Little dick. Gets no pussy. Dude just got his second dui. Sad story.

  2. Honest question, more confident about the Phils v Tampa in 2008, or this game?

    I was more confident in 2008, and the public didn’t seem so sure

    Public seems sure this time, and I am not

    Just saying…..

  3. Seriously when is the possible parade ?? I need to take off from work ASAP . I don’t want to get fucked here not getting off

  4. I can imagine all the pussy the cuz is going to get at the jaws cigar party Thursday night

      1. I prefer a good sausage party, attended by well hung brothas, who are charter members of the 12″+ plus club.

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