In a rant that went viral last week, Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network spent three minutes and fourteen seconds railing against the disrespect being shown towards the underdog Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL’s divisional playoff round.

With the Birds once again playing as a home dog Sunday, this time against the Vikings, Brandt went for it again on Wednesday’s “Good Morning Football,” touching on everything from Allen Iverson, to Hall and Oates, and the American Revolution:

“People even think that the football Gods are on the Vikings side, which is ridiculous. The Vikings survived after a rookie safety made a mental mistake. Philly survived three end zone shots to Julio Jones inside the 10 yard line, which sounds like an act of God to you. The Eagles, amen. This is now bigger than the Eagles. This is about the city. Find me a winner in Philly, and I’ll find you someone predicting that they were going to be a loser.”

I took a quick look to see if Brandt has any sort of Philadelphia connection, but couldn’t find any. He’s 38-years-old, grew up in Illinois, and I guess is just calling it how he sees it.