Let’s Check in on Giants Fans

Yea, they’ve won a few Super Bowls and the Eagles haven’t.

Eli Manning and Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler and whatever.

But let’s check in on New York fans today, beginning with a somewhat “tone deaf” tweet from a dope running the Empire State Building account:

It went about as well as expected:


Is it New York?

Last time I checked, the Giants don’t play in New York, but what do I know.

Same crap from NYG fans at large:

Yea. Yea it could get worse. You could rehire Ben McAdoo.

Now you know how I felt watching Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady.

Evil Empire? Great album. My favorite song is “Vietnow.” Or “Snakecharmer.”

Fair enough.


Life comes at you fast.

You delete yourself.

Go to bed.


We all have to make tough choices.

Well, Nicole, you’re a real asshole.

Live with it.

We all hate stupid Patriots people.

Start plucking.

Welcome aboard.

I can understand that.

I’d love to get a ring and STFU.

I’ll fly your ass there myself!

I’ll drop you right here:

Time’s yours.


5 Responses

  1. “Last time I checked, the Giants don’t play in New York”

    I agree with this sentiment. Geographical boundaries matter. Someone please tell Kyle that Villanova is not a Philly team. FUCK THE WILDCATS. FUCK THE GIANTS. FUCK THE PATRIOTS.

  2. philly owns NYC and the vagiants,
    giants own pats and brady……
    but unfortunately pats own our asses.

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