Markelle Fultz’s Free Throw Form Looks Different… Again

Jon Johnson at 94 WIP shot some video of Markelle Fultz putting up free throws before Wednesday night’s game against the Bulls.

The rookie guard didn’t look great:

Those mechanics do not match the improvements we had been seeing at practice.

I shot some video three weeks ago, where Fultz was at least showing a continuous motion with his stroke:

That’s it. I don’t have anything else right now.


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14 Responses

  1. I’m still trying to square the circle of how he was good enough in college to merit a number one pick without the Sixers noticing they didn’t like his shot before they drafted him… or if it’s his *new* shot that sucks, why he can’t just forget the transition. What the folcroft is going on here?

    Too soon to start pointing out the fact that Sam Hinkie would never have traded a probable top 5 pick to move from 3 to 1 based on the projections of draft dorks in their carnie tents?

  2. Shows him double teaming his wife with a black dude. Then Chase takes him in his mouth for 2 seconds. That’s it.

    1. Chase can get after it. Holy shit, that guy was hung like Mandingo, Chase took almost half down his throat. Impressive.

  3. Only tourists who see Pat’s on TV think it’s the best. In any legitimate poll Pat’s is near the bottom.

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