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Shop now

These will deliver in plenty of time for the big game. I would expect most orders to go out within 5-7 days and be received by the end of this week or early next week.

All shirts are printed on super-soft poly cotton blend. They are mostly true to size, but if you’re on the fence, go a size larger. Get one.

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9 Responses

    1. Yeah what a shitbag move, “Oh Lane Johnson is selling dog shirts for charity? Let me steal his idea so I can divert as many of those dollars as possible into my own pocket”. I could care less about the shirts normally even if I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one but that ‘s a new low

      1. don’t forget. He makes his wife pack these shirts and use a shitty little PC setup that causes her to hunch over.
        I can see it now….
        Kyle and Mrs Laskowski year 4.
        Kyle: Hon, did you get those “The Process Year 7 and no championships yet” shirts packed yet?
        Mrs: I’m working on it, but my hands and back hurt
        Kyle: Funny that. You never were a hunch back before. And how did you get all those cardboard cuts
        on your hands.
        Mrs: Its your fucking shithole chair, table and chrome book laptop with a 11 inch screen that you make me use MF.
        Kyle: Now now lovechops, settle down. someone has to pay for lawn guy to cut our 1/30 acre and the $780/month payment
        on our A4.
        Mrs: Yeah me. Does you have Adairs personal cell phone #?

    1. I saw CBWanker2 selling these out of a duffel bag on pattison…near the train station before and after the game.
      He had leg warmers also.
      I geuss Kyle is giving him a cut to buy a new rug.

  1. DOG SHIRT charity/sham update:

    The NFL also has a version of this shirt and has said they will donate the proceeds to charity.
    So we have 3 version of this shirts:
    1) Lane johnson – money going to charity
    2) NFL – money going to charity
    3) Kyle Scott Laskowski – money going to Kyle Scott Laskowski.

  2. Any update Kyle?
    Are you sending that dog shirt money to charity (and by ‘charity’, i don’t mean you or your friends)
    like Lane Johnson and the NFL?

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