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It was 7-0 Vikings.

Shelton Gibson had just committed a dumb penalty after Trey Burton screwed up a wide-open third down pass. The Eagle defense got smoked on the opening drive.

It was the worst start imaginable. We were headed for another spirit-crushing NFC Championship Game flame out.



What…. a….. play!

Take a bow Patrick Robinson, one the unsung heroes of this Eagles defense. A low-key excellent season for one of the most-maligned players in training camp.

But the play starts with Chris Long, who beats right tackle Rashod Hill and gets a hand on Case Keenum, forcing a FLOATY BALL:

Robinson gets his head up. He looks the ball in. He completes the catch.

How many dropped picks have we seen this year?

Not this time.

The Eagle defense is going the other way immediately, with Malcolm Jenkins and Nigel Bradham and Rodney McLeod hauling ass to spring their teammate:

It’s a pantheon of blockers. A police escort to the end zone. The wedge to end all wedges.

But Robinson isn’t done there.

He sees the blocks in front of him, cuts it all the way across the field against a slow moving offensive line, and gets a HUGE block from Ronald Darby, who sprints about 30 yards in front of the play to just put enough of a body on Jerick McKinnon to get Robinson into the end zone:

Unselfish team play from one of the best units in all of football.

Plays like that get you into the SUPER BOWL.


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