RADIO/TELEVISION WARS – Mike Missanelli Went on Colin Cowherd’s Show

Mikey Miss represented the blue collar, lunch pail-carrying, true American city of Philadelphia on the Colin Cowherd show this afternoon.

It was not a combative segment. It really wasn’t. It was jovial and the jabs were friendly. It’s almost as if everybody in the media knows each other, which we do. Most of us get along.

Mike was on for about 11 minutes and the pair ran through the topics you would expect – Philly fan behavior, horse punching, Andy Reid, and some actual discussion about your team, your town, your Philadelphia Eagles.

Here are some of the more interesting snippets:

On Cowherd’s previous comments that Philadelphia has the dumbest sports fans in America:


On Doug Pederson’s coaching and the reason for the Birds’ success:


On Philadelphia fan behavior:


Mike went easy on Colin.

And Colin went easy on Mike.

It was less of a RADIO WAR and more of a radio skirmirsh.

A radio tiff.

A radio tussle.


11 Responses

  1. was concerned when the Eagles hired him – thought he was Andy Reid 2.0 (and despite what Colin Coward had to say – I think Chiefs fans have figured out why that’s not a good thing). He proved a lot of us wrong. People say NFL Head coaches don’t have time to learn on the job – he did and did it fast. He might not be respected league wide yet but he’s gained my confidence that he will be and it might be sooner than everyone thinks.

  2. This was actually a really good segment. I think it was a lot more effective to stay calm and make good points than it would have been had he gone on there and started screaming belligerently at Cowherd. He made Cowherd look like the fool he is without also making himself look like a fool in the process. Well done.

  3. Colin Cowherd is a national sports market troll who LOVES to bait local media markets especially Philly when he hasn’t a clue on what’s going on here in Philly! Mike should have STEAM ROLLED Cowherd!!

  4. Mike is a lawyer, the Beantown clown is a radio hack. Mike owned this guy in the argument! Go Birds!!!!!!!!!!

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