RADIO WARS – Josh Innes vs. Another Houston Guy

Josh fighting with another host at the Super Bowl

It’s Philadelphia vs. New England in the Super Bowl, but Houston vs. Houston on radio row.

Former 94 WIP host Josh Innes got into it with Seth Payne this morning, a dude from rival station SportsRadio 610. Innes is at SportsTalk 790. Are there no FM frequencies available down there?

Anyway, Payne says Innes came over and “stuck his phone in my face” while they were on the air. Josh retweeted the video below, shot by Boston’s WEEI.


No idea, but here’s the video:

Some of the exchange:

Payne: This is what Josh does, ‘I’m gonna pull a stunt, I’m gonna go break Texans’ media rules where I know I’m gonna lose my credentials, then i’m gonna claim that I’m surprised that I had my credentials pulled. You lie to your audience, and claim you had your credentials pulled because you’re the most honest guy in Houston. You’re a fraud, you’re a joke, you bounce around. The Philly people here, they know you’re a joke. The Houston people know.. you’ve got like one employer left you can work for.”

Innes: Who?

Payne: I don’t know, the Josh Innes network. A podcast?

Innes: Here’s the difference. When you guys inevitably get fired, because you have a 1.5 (rating)…

Payne: So what the hell’s.. (inaudible yelling)… based on ratings you only care about when you’re winning. When you’re winning it’s, ‘hey I’m Josh Innes I’m the best guy that ever lived.’ But when you’re losing, ‘oh it’s a flawed system.’

Innes: Well, it is.

Payne: You’re such a fraud. And you’ve got so much talent. You could have been so great. There were rumors you were going to take these guy’s jobs over, according to you. But now you’re bouncing around from place to place. It’s pathetic. It’s sad…. you’re a bad person.

Innes: I’m a bad person?

Payne: You’re a bad person.

Innes: Based on what?

Payne: You’re weak. You’re insecure. You can’t (inaudible). You’re so obsessed with everybody who doesn’t like you, that you fall apart.


Here’s another view:

And a third view:

If we’re being totally honest, I didn’t mind Josh when he was in Philly. He came over to CBS and did our Sunday night show. I think we did a KYW News Radio panel with some college students. I appreciated an outsider’s take on tired sports radio and the way he attacked the same lazy format we’ve been rolling out for decades.

I think he just wore out his welcome and didn’t do himself any favors internally at 94 WIP. He didn’t exactly befriend everyone over there.

And I did get a kick out of the radio row placement, where he ended up about 25 feet from Anthony Gargano and the 97.5 morning show:


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19 Responses

  1. I love my friend bitch tits I mean josh innes. His tits are bigger then the strippers he says are in love with him. He looks like a fatter Seth rogen

  2. Anything on josh attacking the bro Jamie on twitter . The bro absolutely destroyed him on twitter . Loved it baby !!!

  3. Totally staged. The reason he has his phone out is so his station can hear/play this “fight”. Anything on Cuz and his plummeting ratings?

  4. Wow, I had no idea “Radio Row” was so cramped and packed in. That fucking sucks having to sit right on top of each other, and try and have a legitimate conversation while trying to pay attention to callers with all that distratction around. Just this morning i was listening to the Cuz and I thought he sounded distracted, like he wasn’t really paying attention to what the caller was saying. Maybe this is the reason why.

    1. Radio row is just depressing in itself. Imagine flying out on a Tuesday night, checking in some Radisson or Holiday Inn express, then waking up at 4AM sitting on an office chair and 5 ft table with 4 dudes up your a*% for 4 hours with constant background noise & hundreds of other miserable dudes. After the show you get to have lunch at either the Chipotle or Chick-fil-A, yum ! Maybe Cuz’ can walk off all those calories at the Mall of America since you can’t do anything outside in late January Minneapoli ?. Nah, I bet he made a stop at the Orange Julius or Mrs. Fields. Well, later on at night maybe the radio guys get invited to some cool sponsor after parties ? Probably not since you have to wake up at 4AM. Yeah, all in all radio row sounds like a blast !

  5. and he got run out of down by liberal virtue-signaling.

    I listen to him in Houston daily. never again local unless the slop changes.

    1. I’m with you. Even with this – the show he interrupted was the same ol same ol garbage with the usual cast of hosts. Innes at least is outside the box. The guy he was arguing with will only gain from this ‘fight’ on air.

      Radio, pro wrestling… kinda the same.

  6. Did the airline require Cuz to buy two seats on the flight? I wonder if the Fantatic picked up the tab for both.

  7. Hollis said he talked to Josh and he said he is friends with Seth and staged the whole thing.

  8. The batch of wingettes this year was so bad that Innes could have been one and no one would have noticed…

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