Report: The Eagles Will Be Playing in London Next Season

No, they won’t lose a home game.

It’ll be Eagles vs. Jaguars in London next season, and Jacksonville will be the home team, as reported by Jeff McLane over at the Inquirer. The Birds will get eight games at Lincoln Financial Field.

Philadelphia was one of just six teams that had yet to play in England, so the NFL was looking at getting them across the pond, which NFL UK managing director Alistair Kirkwood told ESPN a few months back.

There will be four London games next year, including a Seahawks-Raiders matchup and Chargers-Titans tilt.

Jacksonville has played five London games in a row, going 3-2 in that span. They’ve won their last three overseas. Owner Shad Khan has a London connection as owner of Fulham F.C.

McLane says the game will be played at Wembley Stadium, while two of other NFL games will take place in Tottenham’s new arena, which is being built right now.

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14 Responses

  1. I sorta hate London games, but I’m going to this one. Lets make this feel like another home game for the Eagles!!

    1. I just listened to the beginning of the most recent 4th and Jawn podcast and 1) you sound like a caricature of someone from philly 2) you sound just like the Alpha M guy from youtube.

    1. Good God what a shock Ray Diddy!
      I’m sure Macnow picks the eagles also like every other idiot in this town.
      Not one person picking the Favorite Falcons? Does anyone find this odd?

  2. God damnit. The one time they go over and they aren’t even going to be playing in the new Tottenham Stadium. They built that stadium to be ready for both soccer and NFL.

  3. When I saw the Jaguars on the 2018 schedule I knew the Birds were going to play overseas. There was a small list of teams left that hadn’t played there. Watch it get scheduled early while Nick is still starting. This was going to be a tough road game no matter where it was played. The Jags defense will swallow up NIck and he will be under pressure from start to finish. All you can really do is set low expectations for the team next year. Once Carson is fully healthy and goes through OTA’s in 2019 then you can set your sites high again.

    1. 10/21 or 10/28 should fit in just right if Wentz is ready to go by then. I believe the league took that into consideration when scheduling the games. It will be an ugly game but at least with Wentz you have a QB who can make some plays. Wonder how many Eagles fans will travel to London.

  4. play with emotion…don’t let emotion play with you!!! Now get out there and win one for the Chipper!

  5. The Eagles also played in London in 1989 and 1990 . Granted it was the preseason, but they have played in England before.

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