Sixers Notes: More Markelle Video and the Justin Anderson/Jrue Holiday Connection

You wanted it, so here it is – more Markelle Fultz practice video.

He again worked on the far court Friday morning, going through a variety of shooting exercises with Sixers staff:

Most of his work was done in a 1v1 fashion earlier this week. I don’t specifically recall him doing any work with a second defender on the floor, but that was the case when the session opened up around 10:40 this morning.

Another clip, this time driving to his left and finishing at the rim:

I’d say Fultz is going at 25% effort/speed in these videos. Keep in mind, we walk in towards the end of the session, so I don’t have any context for the intensity of any work done before then.

Here are some free throws, which show a continuous motion and lack of hitch even though he isn’t using his legs much, if at all:

And he did take a bunch of jumpers, some of which looked fluid, and others that didn’t. He wasn’t using much of his legs, but again, I can’t put much in any of this until I see what it looks like on a floor against real competition:

Fultz is still listed as “out” on the injury report.

Joel Embiid isn’t listed at all, but we know that really doesn’t mean anything. He could mysteriously end up being “very doubtful” tonight against the Pistons.

One guy who we did get an update on is Justin Anderson, who is listed as “questionable” for tonight’s game after missing almost two months of action with tibial stress syndrome, aka shin splints.

“I feel great,” Anderson told reporters after shoot around. “My leg feels better now than it has been and I’ve been testing it with some team practices, 1v1, and 2v2 environments. It’s great to be back out there at full strength.”

Anderson explained that the pain and discomfort “comes and goes.”

“For awhile we thought it was more of a shin splint type of ordeal,” he said. “That’s the easiest way to describe it. It was more of like, stress stuff going on. The doctors were back and forth between a bone tumor type of thing or a stress reaction. We’ve been looking deep into it. That was kind of why we wanted to hold off a little bit. But now I’m back to full strength and I can’t wait to keep being a piece of the team.”

The uncertainty, he added, was the “toughest thing to deal with.”

“Nobody can pinpoint exactly what it is unless it’s something you have to have surgically repaired or it’s something very common. In my case, I’ve been trying to find athletes around the NBA who had something like this. I talked to Jrue Holiday actually; he had something similar when he was here I heard. Talking to those guys gave me a bit of confidence. But it was probably one person I talked to that had it. It’s not a common case. The biggest thing is going back out there and trusting it. Right now I feel great, that’s the best part. We gave it six or seven weeks, whatever it’s been. Now I’m ready.”

Interesting that Anderson brings up Holiday, because the former Sixers point guard had shin issues that required surgery after he was traded to New Orleans in 2014. Reportedly, the Sixers were later required to pay the Pelicans three million dollars for not disclosing the injury information. That’s according to Keith Pompey at the Inquirer.

“Jrue said he had some of the same stuff and he gave it time to heal,” Anderson said. “It healed. Then he said the next year he went on to hurt his leg even further and he thought it was something else (unrelated) that he had going on. So that was comforting to hear.”


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