Sources: Eagles Super Bowl Parade Would Likely Be Wednesday

Photo credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With questions looming regarding the parade date should the Eagles win the Super Bowl on Sunday night, multiple sources throughout various city organizations familiar with the planning process tell Crossing Broad that a Wednesday parade is likely.

Dates ranging from Tuesday to Thursday have been discussed, but city and event planners have been leaning towards a Wednesday, February 7 date since mid-January.

Possible parade routes include a start at Broad and Pattison (with perhaps an event at the Wells Fargo Center), with a trip up Broad Street, around City Hall, before ultimately finishing on the Ben Franklin Parkway in front of the Art Museum. Nothing is set in stone, however, and these details could change.

I know what you are probably thinking:

Relax. If you’re Bill Belichick and reading this to your team as bulletin board material to conjure a false sense of disrespect in the room, make sure to read the following as well: I am vile, cheating scum who deserves the ass-whooping the Eagles are about to hand out. Brady sucks.

See you Wednesday.


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    1. Seriously dude, you need to clean up, your piss poor grammar.

      The Patriots are sure to win now after I show em this.
      Thanks asswipe!

      Do you know when the parade when they win super bowl 53?
      What about the Phillies next world series win in 2078?

  1. When The Phillies won I had tickets (didn’t use them) from the Eagles to go to the start of the procession at the Linc. Wonder if they’ll do that for us season ticket holders again…

  2. hearing gargano couldnt make his flight this afternoon because he couldnt fit in his coach seat….caused some major delays. anyone confirm?

  3. Thanks very much Kyle !! I’ll stop trolling now and will request off from work

  4. Glad that you smug ignorant philly pricks really think you can take us down.
    No wonder you can’t win shit!

  5. I don’t know why they wait so damn long to notify the public. What a joke this city government is. People want to plan ahead and they make it impossible. They have known when it was going to be, should have told the people over a week ago.

    1. And angry 13 yr old in shit clothes.
      But would an angry 13 yr old have hair plugs already….
      Maybe he’s related to that prince william from england.
      He needs a rug to!

  6. all jinx aside the city shoulf tell the fans when a possible parade would be so they can make arrangements to go

    1. jes*s christ shut the fuck up already about your fucking plans.
      you carry around a smart phone for christ sake and have it glued to your ear.
      you don’t plan ahead for that do you?

      1. I need to know . Have a shitty job were I can’t request off last minute . I already took off for the wing bowl . Going be paradise Friday seeing all the wing eating competitors and boobs flashing .
        Hope the eagles win so I can see all the chicks pissing in public like the phils parade

  7. my girl wants someone to shave an eagle from her crotch hair, she has quite a bush (Italian) any suggestions?

    1. Tell her to do a split and she will get stuck (Italian) and you can go to the parade. Problem solved. Your welcome

  8. Couldn’t be more wrong…. but excellent clickbait. I even saw you were trending on twitter.

    I have first hand information you are dead wrong…. parade isn’t Wednesday.

    I will email you when it is officially announced, but you are wrong.

  9. The Mayor has his annual luncheon with the Chamber of Business on Tuesday at noon. That’s what I heard why the parade will be Wednesday. They don’t want to talk about it so they don’t jinx it, which is why I didnt talk about it til this post.

    1. you think the Eagles give a care about this dork mayor and his soda tax? Tuesday homie… I cannot wait until Kyle is exposed.

      1. Hey genius — the Eagles can’t run a parade through the heart of the city without the mayor on-board. Their opinion of him and the stupid soda tax is 100% irrelevant.

  10. It’s not clickbait. We’re simply telling you what multiple reliable sources have provided to us. Thanks for reading.

  11. Still wrong. Dork. Your sources are wrong. Good idea trying to get in headlines while everyone is asking when the parade is… but still wrong. Not Wednesday.

  12. Of course Philly would F up the parade if they win.

    EVERY parade is the 2nd day after the team wins. # days, some of the excitement dies down, plus it’s suposed to pour rain all day on Wednesday.

    Great Move Kenney, you jerk off.

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