My Dad made a good point to me last night. He mentioned that if he were an Eagles defensive player, particularly one of their elite linemen, that he would be frothing at the mouth after seeing, reading and hearing this constant disrespect over their prospects against the listless and uninventive Falcons. And you know what? He’s right. The Falcons kind of suck. Kyle Shanahan was perhaps the reason for their dominant offense last season. Dan Quinn is a dumbass. Matt Ryan is soft. And Julio Jones doesn’t catch touchdowns. Enough. Enough with this bullshit team. The Falcons aren’t particularly good. Their defense is fine, but the Eagles are better in every basic measure, will be playing at home, on three weeks rest, and have one of if not the most feared lines in football. Fuck all this negativity. I’m so ready for some football. Hearing Bradley Cooper talk about it helps.

This guy had the best response: