This Boston Newscast Is Something Else

We’ve spent the better part of this week – the hollow vacuum of Super Bowl coverage where local news outlets are contorting themselves into positions better used for smelling one’s own farts to find every big game angle – fighting back against weak-willed Minneapians who have the self-awareness of a sheet of ice (only an implicit acknowledgement of their change in state), but we have yet to direct our focus to those bro-tastic peons from Boston. That’s next week. For us, at least. It seems they have already set their sights on our fine city, and boy, is it predictable. Behold:

I could easily dive on top of the used grenade that is the Santa-snowballs-booing trifecta (one asshole booed Carson Wentz for not signing an autograph upon his arrival in Philly*), but I truly, deeply, madly Savage Garden enjoy their genuine fear of Fly Eagles Fly, like it’s an anthem upon which we will roast their souls. Maybe we shall.

*Autograph seekers are, generally speaking, the fucking worst.

H/T to reader Gary


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  1. Any news on how much money Kyle stuffed in his pocket by producing those
    cheap(in quality…not price) knockoff dog shirts.
    Lane Johnson and The NFL are giving their dog shirt money to charity.

    Wish i could say the same for Kyle Scott Laskowski.
    Does Kyle offer a class in Grifting?

    1. you make a great point. We deserve answers – Will CB be donating anything for the sale of the dog shirts?

      1. You mean Donating to Charity and not ‘Donating to the Kyle Scott Laskowski household’ i assume.
        Thanks for that xmas present a few years back when i was hurt.

    2. In fairness, most player charities are fake as shit. They just “raise awareness” for some illness by having a party to “raise awareness” while giving no-show jobs to worthless relatives. Completely tax-free.

    1. Congrats, you funded the lifestyle of a shiftless wanna be media member living a long lie

  2. How is Eytan Shander still on the morning show. With all these radio wars posts I never hear any mention of this guy. He is the absolute worst of any on-air talent that’s been on during a day shift on either station

    1. What do you mean?

      I thought he had NFL credentials?

      What happened, did they get revoked?

      I mean CB is a fine influential **BLOG** that gets close to 3 million hits a month.

      Does anyone know Roger Goodell’s and Jerry Jones phone#s so i can call
      and complain on Kyle’s behalf.

      Kyle deserves better than this.

      Dag nabit, he could have written that whole trip off as a business expense.
      Put it right next to:
      “Produced/Sold 3000 fake eagles underdogs shirts – profit $32000”
      (NOTE to IRS: lane johnson and the NFL shirt money goes to charity, but i need
      this money to paint my house and for my wife’s spine straightening treatment
      since she sits hunched over at that shitty little table with that shitty little 11 inch chrome book screen).

  3. So one sports memorabilia hawk boo’s Wentz at the airport for not stopping to sign something and this douche translates it to fans, some even season ticket holders, heckled and booed Wentz at the airport lol. I guess up in Beantown they just make up the news.

  4. The comments section is lit. Scott you’re okay in my book. I love my underdog shirt 👌🏼

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