Ty Law Doesn’t Seem Too Impressed With The Eagles

Ty Law was on FS1’s Undisputed this morning, and, of course, was asked for his thoughts on the Super Bowl matchup between the Eagles and Patriots.

“No one scares me on that Philadelphia offense…they’re solid. That’s about it.”

Ah, there it is. Thank you. That’s the type of slander I’ve been looking for all week. Soil our name so I can run it under water, rub it all over my body and let it sink into my pores, Ty Law. There’s nobody on the third-ranked scoring offense in the NFL that dropped 28.6 points per game this season that should keep Bill Belichick or Matt Patricia up at night? God, I can only hope they feel that way. Sleep on an offense that hung 31 offensive points on a Minnesota defense that allowed a league-best 15.8 points per game this season. Don’t sweat Zach Ertz who had 74 catches for 824 yards in 14 games this season and had eight grabs on eight targets against the Vikings. Forget about Alshon Jeffery who had five catches for 85 yards and two touchdowns against a supposed shutdown secondary. Overlook the Eagles’ trio of running backs that helped make this team the third-best rushing offense during the regular season and effectively broke the will of the Vikings’ elite rush defense to the tune of 4.4 yards per carry last week. And PLEASE dismiss what is arguably the best offensive line in football blocking for Nick Foles, who, by the way, is fucking killing it this postseason. He’s completing nearly 78% of his passes, has a 3/0 TD/INT ratio, and is averaging 9.49 yards per pass attempt. Definitely don’t be scared.

Now to be fair, Law is onto something in that “no one” single player should scare the Patriots. He’s absolutely right-they should be scared of everybody. I know I’d be after I watched a pedestrian Jacksonville offense carve up my defense in the first half last week. I also found this interesting:

Damn right, Simms. Damn right.

I’m not totally lathered up for this game yet, so I needed this today. The only thing that annoys me more than Law’s insipid dismissal is Skip Bayless’ uninspired (and probably staged) advocacy of the Eagles. Keep that nice shit to yourself, Skip. And Ty Law, one more thing: I know you’re nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Great accomplishment and congrats, but you can’t hold Brian Dawkins’ jock. Good luck.

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