Vikings Fans are Cancelling Eagles Fans’ AirBnBs

On this episode of “Vikings fans still not happy with Eagles fans”, they’re now cancelling their AirBnB’s due to fan behavior on Sunday.

From r/Eagles:

Discrimination of Eagles fans!!! Just Received this from Airbnb after the owner learned I was coming from Philadelphia. Booked it right after the Eagles won. Everything seems booked now or too expensive!!

You’ve got to be kidding me. So, the Birds curb stomp the Vikings at home, a few fans complain because they had a shitty experience at the game, and now the BODs of HOAs are throwing their weight around like they’re a young Fred Trump?

A reminder: Viking fans have said they would throw stuff at Eagles fans and sign up as Uber drivers to drop them off at wrong locations and possibly face false imprisonment charges.

Minnesota fans are dumb and soft.

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50 Responses

  1. I’m sure Kyle Scott wouldn’t be suggesting the same things on Twitter if say, Philly was hosting a Super Bowl and Dallas was playing in it?

    1. Kyle lives in a gated community far out in the suburbs where the only food options are Buffalo Wild Wings and maybe an Applebee’s or two, so nobody would want to stay there. Also he runs a sweatshop for his knockoff t shirts out of his house and moving all of that seems unlikely.

  2. These people from Minnesota are the biggest pussies I’ve ever seen. I thought they were of hearty midwestern stock. For fuck sake, stop crying like an infant, ya queens. Go fuck yourselves. Go birds!!

    1. Real mature comment on your part. To get respect you need to give it. Grow up. They didn’t purposefully cancel the Airbnb their HOA made them… do you even know what that is? I’ve heard of this happening even before the Viking vs philly game.

    2. So your fans assault the people that came to watch a game and we decide not to take it, and that makes us pussies? How about this, come north and bring it you pussy easterner! Go Patriots!

  3. This has to be a joke ? Biggest pussy fans in the NFL… to only find out half of the stories are made up anyways

  4. You people brag about flipping off a 99 year old woman and throwing beer cans and families…then have the balls to whine about them not wanting to rent you their homes?

    “Philly sports fan” is as much a definition of mental illness as “Democrat.” Delusional fucktards.

    1. You and Jerry should get together and figure out what players are on the other
      teams in your division.

      Kolb and Nick Folk?

      Can’t figure out how the shithole cowboys managed to finish the season.

      1. The Eagles could go on an unbeaten streak for the next THREE YEARS and they still wouldn’t have the same number of rings as America’s Team. LOL.

    2. Wow! How narrow minded can people be? If a few drunk football fans give the opposing team a hard time it becomes a Nationwide judgment on all Eagles fans? There are jerks everywhere, Philly doesn’t have a monopoly on drunken jerks.

  5. They can rent to you or not rent to do for whatever reason they like in a free society

  6. I have no problem with this. Too many “Eagles fans” think they need to act like A$$holes and now others are paying for their stupidity.

  7. This is bad business by the HOA in Minnesota. Short sighted and a money loser for the homeowner’s. MOST people are dent renters particulary for a short term stay as adults in an expensive place. Stupid HOA influenced by the media and driven by anger over a football mauling. Dumb.

  8. Everyone should file bad reviews for all of these BNB’s that cancelled.
    You think you fucked philly fans over.
    Bad reviews KILL business.

    1. I’m sure they’re shaking in terror at the thought of getting bad reviews. You know what kills a BNB business? Not being able to rent out your condo any more because some Philly asshole trashed the place, punched a hole in the wall, and puked on the carpet because they think they have a God-given right to get stupid drunk and destroy everything.

  9. You guys this is normal behavior after any team plays the eagles, remember all those stories about how Falcons fans were mistreated and all of Atlanta hates Philly now?

  10. As typical in life, the actions of a few can ruin it for the majority. Though in this situation it appears like it was MORE than a few. Shame on you Philadelphia for allowing this to become “typical, normal, usual” behavior. I’ve been to many games in Green Bay and have seen nothing like the videos posted in the last week.

  11. You sub-human POS Iggles fans better watch your backs in Minneapolis. If we see any of your hooligan BS on our streets we will jump in.

  12. Air BnBs aren’t that great anyway. I wouldn’t want to stay in someone’s house. It is cheaper to stay in Bloomington, MN near the Mall of America. They have a transit that runs from there right to the stadium.

  13. So, some Philly fans claim they can afford to attend the Super Bowl… and yet, they also claim staying somewhere in the Minneapolis area is “too expensive”?

    Perhaps they should give more thought to whether they “can afford” to attend the Super Bowl, especially when HDTV is a thing, and it’s free.

  14. With the kind of shenanigans that took place at the Linc last weekend, it is obvious that the team, security, Philly PD, the city and the Eagles’ fanbase refuses to police it’s own. What will it take to create change? The loss of draft choices? A reduction in revenue sharing? Forced sale of the team? Roger Goodell needs to see that the behavior of a few can and will affect the NFL’s bottom line. It’s time for the NFL to take fan safety seriously.

    1. This applys to all stadiums. A fan was stabbed in MN stadium last year, a guy was beaten bad when a Green Bay fan was damaging his yard display. Read the local news of each city. Even patriot locals act stupid. Its every. Team, everywhere. Let’s not pretend, let’s stop it.

  15. Wake up Iggless fans!!!! This has nothing to do with the results of the NFCCG. Your team won and Viking fans aren’t complaining about it. The issue is about how Eagle fans behaved before, during and after the game.

    So now you low life unhouse-broken dogs think you should be welcome in the homes of Viking fans. Really??? Good luck with that! We could be nice to you and model good behavior, but that would be colossal waste of time. The only thing Eagles fans understand is a straight FUCK YOU!!!

  16. Tell me!!!! Why is our fan base being targeted? Just because we act like assholes
    at our stadium, why would anyone be concerned about us visiting their stadium? Bad people misbehave everywhere. We are not unique. Win or lose, we won’t fuck up your house or your city! You can trust us!!!! Really!!!

  17. It seems like there may be some Vikings fans on this blog. Please realize that this is a shitty ass sports blog followed by just a few people, most of whom hate the blogger-in-chief. The main appeal of this site is being able to comment like a drunken 16 year old with no moderation. If you think you’re reaching people that care, you’re sorely mistaken.

    Now, Kyle, how can I upload pictures onto a comment? I’ve made this fantastic gif of an animated Eagle pounding 99-year Granny in the ass. It’s hilarious.

  18. 1) Any visiting fans that were grossly mistreated at an Eagles game deserve an apology, Even though I wasn’t there, I am sorry.
    2) I wish people from other teams could feel safe visiting the city and rooting for their home team, especially people from places like Minnesota and Green Bay where people are generally more welcoming to visiting fans. Eagles fans, stop listening to idiots like Anthony Gargano and show some class to visitors!
    3) This crap goes on in many other cities: NY/NJ, DC, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, LA, SF etc, and not just with the NFL,but all sports. In fact, it happens globally with European football (soccer),

  19. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Don’t forget your hats and mittens Eagle fans. It’s gonna be a cold weekend in Minny.

  20. Congrats Eagle fans. If you had won with even the smallest modicum of grace, you would have had big support from the people of Minnesota. Instead you chose to act like animals. Now you will be received as public enemy #1 on our streets and the Patriots will get what amounts to a home game. Nice job bird brains.

  21. Holy shit Eagle fans! LOL NFC champs! Tell ’em what they’ve won Don Pardo:

    “A date with Tom Brady and the Patriots in a city, a state and a nation that hates you”. How da fuck did you pull that off?

    Don’t forget to bring plenty of lube….. haha

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