Vikings Fans Are Organizing an Event To Throw Stuff at Eagles Fans

Vikings fans, presumably fresh off a lake fishing excursion, with nothing better to do today after their team got skollfucked by the Eagles, have organized a Facebook event to “toss stuff at Eagles fans Super Bowl Sunday” in the parking lot of their own stadium, which they won’t be able to get in while… get this… the Eagles play in the Super Bowl.

Here’s the event description:

We are rallying and tossing stuff at anyone with anything eagles on too show them the same hospitality they showed our fans and team in philly “skol” got a lot of unneeded junk sitting at your house ? stop by with it and toss stuff until your hearts content , we will be giving prizes to the person with the most bullseyes as well as throwing purple paint bombs , to make there ugly feathery turquoise jerseys the right color 😈😈 dress in full Vikings gear All you need is some folding chairs a cooler with beer and a good arm SKOLLLL! This is our city

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, they’re so cute when they’re mad.

Also, it seems they might be dangerous.

The two people organizing the event, whose names you can see but I won’t bother to link to because… yeah, that’s not a good idea, have pictures showing off their work tools, Vikings fandom, oh and assault rifles. Currently there are 448 people going and 2,600 people “interested in going,” which seems like the RSVP equivalent of not bringing ones to a strip club and just leaching off everyone else’s zeal while you claim you were just there for a coworker’s birthday and generally don’t approve of such behavior.

The comments on the page are mostly people telling their fellow ice men and women not to “stoop to our level,” but alas there are others:

Finish. It would be a war we can’t finish. Except… we did finish it, sometime around late in the second quarter yesterday.

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  1. I think “Finnish” is a play on the whole norsemen thing.

    Oh and Eff them. I doubt highly they’re all sweethearts to Packers fans.

      1. Congrats to the Eagles on winning. If the best team always won, there’d be no point in playing the games.

        Sadly, the Eagles fans are disgusting. It must be embarrassing to be a player for the Eagles with fans like that. I’ve been to games all over the league and never seen such trash. Even Packers fans have more decency than that.

        Luckily, the Eagles fans who throw beers and yell F you to Viking fans and their children are white trash and can’t afford to come here for the Super Bowl. Good thing, because I don’t have enough Crisco to keep those idiots from hurting themselves.

        1. I’m an Eagles Fan. I don’t throw beers or curse at anyone who isn’t wearing an Eagles Jersey.

          Let me say this to the Viking fan calling Eagles Fans white trash, and disgusting. I watch a Vikings Fan start with an Eagles Fan and his friends while they were tailgating before the game. Those Vikings Fans had been throwing bottles and not one Eagles Fan did anything to these assholes. The Eagles Fans told these Class Act Viking Fans to just go away and the Classy Vikings Fans were going away. They were obnoxious..

          Before you call everyone in Philadelphia white trash scum and every name you can think. You Vikings Fans are just as much scum, white trash and whatever name you called Philadelphia Eagles Fan. You thought you could come to Philly do your stupid chant and think Philly were a bunch of stupid idiots. Philadelphia is a sports town. We are known for being that way.

          Before you start shouting names out. Take responsibility for your own behavior. Vikings Fans started just as much trouble on Sunday then Eagles Fans AND YOUR SORE LOSERS!!!

        2. Dear salty Vikings fan… as an Eagles fan born and raised in PA that now lives in Minneapolis I would like to give you a little perspective into your one sided opinion. I have lived in Minneapolis for over 10 years and I and I wear my Eagles gear and cheer for my Eagles through all of the ups and downs. This year I have been yelled at, had my Eagles hat grabbed off my head and thrown on the ground, and cursed at, etc by Vikings fans in Minneapolis. Do I sit around and cry about it? No…. I went to the Super Bowl and also went to the Eagles/Vikings game in Philly and saw none of the crazy things everyone talked about. Do I agree with it? No …Do I feel like the Vikings fans are salty because they got their asses kicked and have nothing to complain about besides how “mean” Eagles fans are? YES… By the way please servers and bartenders in dt Mpls how generous, kind, well-mannered, and huge tippers the Eagles fans were….There are bad behaving fans in all cities and all sports so please don’t diminish the Eagles first Super bowl win in Minneapolis because your feelings are hurt. FLY EAGLES FLY… NO ONE LIKES US WE DON’T CARE LOL

        3. Oh and btw please watch the Eagles parade video… fans threw a beer at Doug Peterson and he caught it one-handed with the lombardi trophy in the other hand. Some MN fans must be mistaking generosity with anger…if your Vikings could catch like our coach they would have had free beers all weekend to drown their sorrows lol. FLY EAGLES FLY……SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS BABY!!!!!

  2. Bitch that you have to slap around a bit. Take your ass whooping and move on. Oh, and fuck Millie.

  3. I can’t wait to get to minny and go to war against this group . Bring it pussies

    1. You’re the first jacking off to Rocky reruns sou’philly d-bag I’m going to throw a cup of cold piss at (that I’m already bottling). YOU bring it, Vince Papale, Jr.

  4. Fuq these skolhead pee-ons…..I want the Birds to get the biggest underdog line against the Pats, pls keep it going. In the end victory will be that much more sweeter…..
    Foles balled his gotdamn azz off! And the rest of the squad, holy sheet!

  5. “turquoise”?
    I don’t think so.
    I am thinking that maybe they will get arrested just like if someone was caught doing it in Philly.
    F em.
    Just for this slight at philly, I’m returning the “Made In Minnesota” ‘My Pillow’ I bought.
    I might soak it in piss first.

  6. Where’s cowboy Dave and the rest of them dirtbags that pop sh!t, nothin but crickets lol

  7. Wow….Minnesota is full of crybabies !!! We won ! Get over it ! Vikings suck ! 34-7 ??? You got a hurt put on you son ! Put your energy into practicing for next year. 34-7!!!!!!!

  8. Unpopular take – We fans can’t be bragging about taking over other cities and stadiums.. and then act like assholes to people who come here.. and then complain about being called out for being assholes. It’s a minority but it’s too many.

    1. Yeah pretty tired of this crap. You can take over a stadium, you can heckle and boo. Just don’t throw shit at people or fight with them. Not passion. It’s GD idiocy.

  9. They’re already backpedalling. Event is now called “Pride of the north Super Bowl rally” and (most of) the references to chucking stuff is gone. They’re trying to get people to bring “mega phones” so people inside the stadium can hear their Skol chant…for whatever reason.

  10. I’m going to try and be there and throw my hands at some nice huge fake philly racks on some bitches.
    I can go ‘one handed’ and eat one of them tailgating cheesesteak wit with the other hand.

  11. Ya’ll got lucky and had some help.
    No doubt that fat load Ed Rendell paid the refs to throw the game.
    I heard he pukes in Ray Diddy’s car on a regular basis.

    Wait until we crush your Yuengling Ass next year .
    Dak for 425 yds and 5 TDS, zeke 190 yds and 2 tds.
    WRITE IT IN STONE greasy pole climbing wads……….!

    1. Lmao here’s a fun fact: 9 of the 10 previous no. 1 seeds have advanced to the Super Bowl. The only one that didn’t? Your Cowboys last year, and at full health. But surely they at least made the NFC Championship game right? Right?…..

      Y’all crack me up. Way to win 6-0 against the Eagles backups. At least you have something to hang your hat on.

  12. I know this was generated was hard feelings in mind, but who would be down for a straight up snowball fight! It could go on for hours as people come and go! I cant come close to affording tickets but i would legit buy a ticket to go for an all out war of a snowball fight!

  13. Chickie Narducci’ s Washington Ave. mob hangout is offering pho and an egg roll for a Super Bowl Special in a honor of Lurie and the Vietcong. Lurie supports the Communist Government of Vietnam.
    Brady is going to grill the underdog.

  14. I can’t wait to guilt my grandchildren into throwing things for me.

  15. You are all dumb fucks. Philly started it with messing with our fans by pissing on items our fans bought with hard earned money, were attacked by philly fans before, during and after the game. Now you dumb fucks think you will come to Minnesota and Minnesotans not get revenge? Ignorant fucks. We are nice as hell until you fuck with our own, then its game on. Not only should Philly fans be worried but the players should be as well.

    1. thing is , those that were classless in philly, won’t be in mn for the game, they can’t afford to come here. Don’t stoop to their classless level.

        1. You guys are the dumbest fucking people on earth. Go cheer Aaron Rodgers getting carted off again you hypocritical, backwards ass, moronic, self righteous, gopher loving, fake tough guy snowflakes!

    2. Wait I am confused so you are Minnesota nice but everyone should be so worried about y’all? Do 2 wrongs make a right? Sounds like you belong with that 1% of Eagles fans that are so mean and caused all that trouble. Trust me us Eagles fans are all so scared after we beat your team and than won the Super Bowl in your town…Fly Eagles Fly lol.

  16. Minnesota fans have a lot of nerve complaining about abuse I went to an eagles Vikings game in Minny in 1997 had at least 3 beers dumped on me mustard on my eagles jacket spit on cussed at called every name in the book FUCK THEM payback was a bitch you assholes

  17. All I can deduct from this is Eagles fans are complete and utter swine. None of you will be going to Super bowl because you’re all poor white trash.

    1. I am an Eagles fan. I spend everyday working with children in North Philly to make their lives better. Making generalized statements is a poor white trash thing to do. You are just as low for that. Come visit Philly and see how great and friendly it really is!

  18. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!! lol how do you treat people like shit, and in return you guys are bitching about those same people treating you the same way you treated them? (Swaggy P question mark face.) Sore loser? BRUH! we’ve been losing since the beginning of the Vikings franchise! We can handle a loss, lol its nothing new! Dont get me wrong, Im sure there were fans who knew how to and conducted themselves in the manner in which they should have. But when theres videos on top of videos, showing beer being thrown. Profanity and threats being thrown at vikings fans.. Don’t complain when you come here and get treated the same. Theres a saying that goes on around here, its called “Minnesota Nice.” Believe me, the people here are genuinely nice and friendly. But by no means are we push overs. Fuck the damn game, this is pride were talking about.

    On a positive note, you guys played a hell of a game. Coming from a team who made it to the NFC finals with a 2/3rd stringer, back up running backs, and an O line that, Im just going to leave that there. We Vikings fans can totally relate to the under dog role. You guys deserve it, I love the underdog story. But still, your fans are trash, any who, tell whoever is coming to MN its about to rain Purple.. Dont bite a dog and expect not to get bite back.


  19. You Minnesota tough guys are such trash. Generalize an entire fanbase and talk tough. The Eagles fans going to the game will most likely be families with kids but don’t let that stop you and your dumb assery. Cops are everywhere during the Super Bowl and you idiots will be on watch. To think, I used to actually like you guys. I have never seen such a group of sore losers in my life.

  20. I am from Duluth, Minnesota but have livid in Philly for 30 years. I am now an Eagles Fan…. Most people are not crazy fans as portrayed by the media and by drunken idiots. Passion is a definite! The town is excited….we apologize for the idiots who treated you so poorly but it is a minority for sure. In some ways Philadelphians are real as opposed to Minnesota polite. You never have to guess….straight up…but there is a lot of kindness here, too. I hope the fans that attend the game are respectful and reveal the of the Philly fanbase. When they go low you go high! Go Eageles!!!!

  21. I am from Duluth, Minnesota but have livid in Philly for 30 years. I am now an Eagles Fan…. Most people are not crazy fans as portrayed by the media and by drunken idiots. Passion is a definite! The town is excited….we apologize for the idiots who treated you so poorly but it is a minority for sure. In some ways Philadelphians are real as opposed to Minnesota polite. You never have to guess….straight up…but there is a lot of kindness here, too. I hope the fans that attend the game are respectful and rrepresent most of the Philly fanbase. When they go low you go high! Go Eagles!!!!

  22. Not sure how we got here, like an orchestra of bickering 2nd graders. The media have been slamming Philly fans for years, despite the fact that the Linc is middle of the pack in the NFL in arrests, and the incidents the media dwell on are from two generations ago. So Minnesota media figures insult all Philly fans just before Vikings fans head to Philly. Surprise! A dozen drunken low rent parking lot urchins in Philly throw beer cans at Vikings fans heading towards the stadium. Those morons were rounded up, but, somehow, Vikings fans continue to insult all 10 million of us because of a couple of drunken idiots. And worse, Vikings fans also plan acts of violence, including reminding Eagles fans of the firearms they own? It’s a bridge too far. It’s sick. Slamming and threatening all Eagles fans is about as low as you can get, short of planned assaults, which is even lower. I’d like to think this disgusting behavior is not a reflection of all Vikings fans. Minnesota media figures may have started this nonsense, but we Philly fans can remind them we are better than that.

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