Vikings fans, presumably fresh off a lake fishing excursion, with nothing better to do today after their team got skollfucked by the Eagles, have organized a Facebook event to “toss stuff at Eagles fans Super Bowl Sunday” in the parking lot of their own stadium, which they won’t be able to get in while… get this… the Eagles play in the Super Bowl.

Here’s the event description:

We are rallying and tossing stuff at anyone with anything eagles on too show them the same hospitality they showed our fans and team in philly “skol” got a lot of unneeded junk sitting at your house ? stop by with it and toss stuff until your hearts content , we will be giving prizes to the person with the most bullseyes as well as throwing purple paint bombs , to make there ugly feathery turquoise jerseys the right color 😈😈 dress in full Vikings gear All you need is some folding chairs a cooler with beer and a good arm SKOLLLL! This is our city

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, they’re so cute when they’re mad.

Also, it seems they might be dangerous.

The two people organizing the event, whose names you can see but I won’t bother to link to because… yeah, that’s not a good idea, have pictures showing off their work tools, Vikings fandom, oh and assault rifles. Currently there are 448 people going and 2,600 people “interested in going,” which seems like the RSVP equivalent of not bringing ones to a strip club and just leaching off everyone else’s zeal while you claim you were just there for a coworker’s birthday and generally don’t approve of such behavior.

The comments on the page are mostly people telling their fellow ice men and women not to “stoop to our level,” but alas there are others:

Finish. It would be a war we can’t finish. Except… we did finish it, sometime around late in the second quarter yesterday.

H/T to (@_weedie21)